4 Ways to Make Chamomile Tea

Nothing beats homemade chamomile tea, which is bright yellow and has a fresh, slightly sweet taste. It’s simple to make and caffeine-free, making it a wonderful choice for many folks. Whether you’re an experienced tea drinker or a newbie, these four recipes will help you make the perfect chamomile tea.

homemade chamomile tea


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1 Chamomile Tea with Fresh Flowers

Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea using the dried flowers. This simple tea is perfect for both starting the day and winding down at the end of the day. To begin, remove the entire flower head from the stem and rinse the fresh flowers with warm water. Pat dries the chamomile blossoms and keep them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.

When you’re ready to drink it, bring water to a boil in a tea kettle or large saucepan on the stove. Then, add flower petals inside the infuser and brew the tea in the kettle for 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can use a tea ball or cheesecloth as a makeshift teabag. Remove the flower petals before pouring them into a teacup and that’s it for your first chamomile tea recipe.

homemade chamomile tea

2 Iced Chamomile Ginger Tea

Chamomile Ginger Iced Tea might be the one for you if you want something sweeter. As you sip this light and refreshing tea, you’ll be reminded of the best bits of summer. Not to mention that this iced tea is a healthy beverage that will quench your thirst.

In a medium pot, bring water to a fast boil and set aside for 1 minute to cool when the heat is turned off. Next, combine ginger, chamomile flowers, honey, and lemons in a mixing bowl and soak for one hour, or until it cools down to room temperature. Using a fine-mesh strainer, pour the tea into a large glass pitcher, and refrigerate it for at least 3 hours. Whenever you want to have it, fill your glasses halfway with ice cubes and pour the chilled tea.

homemade chamomile tea

3 Latte with Chamomile and Cinnamon

If you need some milk in your tea, save your worries with this chamomile and cinnamon latte. To start, bring water to a quick boil in a medium pot on the stove, then turn off the heat and add the chamomile flowers. Allow it to simmer for 5 minutes before adding the maple syrup and cinnamon.

On the other hand, heat and froth the milk at the same time by using a hand frother. Another way, you can simply heat the milk in a separate saucepan and vigorously whisk it. Continue to whisk the milk until small bubbles form. Then, fill your cup halfway with the frothed milk and water mixture. Put a dollop of milk foam on top of the mug, top with cinnamon, and you’re all set.

4 Hot Toddy with Chamomile

Finally, you must try a hot toddy made with honey, whiskey, and chamomile tea. This nightcap will have you sleeping in no time, especially during the colder months. The good news is that you can prepare this hot toddy with any whiskey, rum, or brand of your choice. To start, mix the liquor, honey, and lemon juice in a mug and bring the water to a boil in a saucepan. Remember to always make tea using purified water rather than hot tap water to preserve the flavors of tea.

Turn off the heat and add the chamomile flowers into the water, steep for 5 minutes. Then, strain the chamomile flowers through a fine-mesh strainer. Pour the hot mixture into the mug filled with honey, lemon juice, and alcohol. Garnish with a cinnamon stick or a slice of lemon and enjoy while still hot. Since this recipe used alcohol, substitute cider for the alcohol if you want to serve it to the kids.

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