4 Things You Should Do to Promote Environmental Sustainability

Poaching, soil degradation, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, and over-exploitation of natural resources are some of the inter-connected issues gradually affecting our environment. With each passing day, these issues become more and more prevalent. However, these issues don’t often start with a big-greedy and corrupt corporation you see on the news. They start with you! Every decision you make directly or indirectly impacts the environment. For instance, purchasing products from such a company keeps it up and running. So, how can you promote sustainability? Well, from buying hats to growing your crops — there are just so many things you could do that don’t require much effort that will help promote sustainability, as shown below.

Environmental Sustainability

1. Purchase Environmentally-Friendly Products

The amount of plastic making its way to our environment, particularly the ocean every day, is mind-boggling. That said, the easiest yet most effective way to promote sustainability is by purchasing from a brand that goes the extra mile to make its products environmentally friendly. For instance, only buy products packaged in a recyclable manner. They reduce pressure on raw materials and other elements associated with the manufacture of similar products.

Also, instead of purchasing groceries from retailers like Walmart, shop from your local farmers’ market. This is because before that bunch of greens from Walmart gets to your dining table, it often calls for packaging and transportation. This makes it unsustainable in every way, as the packaging in most cases is done in unrecyclable plastics, while the transportation process is through trucks, which further increases green emissions.

Purchasing from a local farmer’s market creates a win-win situation as you get fresh, tasty-farm produce, support a local business, and at the same time, reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Join or Support Businesses and Organizations that Work Towards Environmental Sustainability

Another effective way to promote sustainability and encourage others to follow in your footsteps is to support entities or organizations that work towards environmental sustainability. For instance, buy products such as animal hats or merch shirts from a business that dedicates part of its income to environmental charities.

If you’re already part of an environmental cause, make it a point to purchase from a business that is working towards making the world a better place. Alternatively, you could donate to any charitable organization whose mission is to create environmental awareness, save animals, or one that has any similar goals.

Environmental Sustainability

3. Grow Your Own Garden

As mentioned earlier, those apples or groceries you purchase from Tesco, often have to be packaged, transported, and stored on supermarket shelves before they can get to you. The process is not only degrading to the environment, but it also means that by the time the product gets to you, it has lost half of its nutritional value.

Therefore, if time allows and you have space and resources, consider growing and maintaining a garden. Although it might seem like an insignificant effort, you will be setting the pace for others within your community, and they are likely to follow suit once they realize the fantastic benefits that you’re enjoying.

Environmental Sustainability

4. Watch Your Utility Bills

Conserving energy is yet another easy and effective way to promote sustainability. What’s best about it is that it doesn’t require any money. If anything, it helps you save, and at the same time, enables you to cut your carbon footprint. To conserve energy, check and replace any leaking pipes or faucets, replace old appliances with smart and efficient ones, take shorter showers, and lower your thermostat during winter.

As you can see, promoting sustainability is not hard. Neither does it compromise your comfort. It’s the simple things such as purchasing animal hats from a charitable business, using public transport instead of your car on your local commute, and supporting that farmer from your local market that matter. It all starts with you!

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