4 Lesser Known Benefits of Tongkat Ali

If you are worried about your sexual vitality or insomnia, then it’s time to stop worrying! Pharmaceutical or synthetic drugs often don’t work to solve these problems. If you have tried many different medications and have not had success, it could be time to trying some natural herbal remedies. Tongkat Ali is a herb which has been a significant and traditional medicine in the South-East Asian region for centuries. Several conditions from fevers, erectile dysfunction, and bacterial infections etc. are treated with tongkat ali.

Benefits of Tongkat Ali Eurycoma longifolia

In Indonesia they call it the pasak, in Thailand, cay ba binh and in Malaysia it is known as the tongkat ali. The most commonly used name is Tongkat ali, even in the Western world.

Its adaptogenic and balancing properties raises testosterone levels and promotes muscle strength, and reduces fatigue and stress for both men and women.

Compounds like quassinoids and alkaloids remain inside the roots of this herb.  Dried and fresh ali extracts are used as a cure for diabetes and mental illnesses.

The list of traditional uses is long and includes boosting fertility, reversing the aging process, relieving stress, invigorating sexual vitality, improving  body compositions,  enhancing strength, supporting optimal bone density, supporting balanced mood,balancing blood sugar and normalizing insulin, to improving immunity and energy levels for good health.

These benefits are pretty well known ones, but the appropriate tongkat ali dosage comes with other lesser known benefits as well. To know more about tongkat ali and it’s less known benefits, keep scrolling.

Benefits of Tongkat Ali Eurycoma longifolia
Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) plant

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a herbal substance which is rich in bioactive compounds including alkaloids, triterpenoids, and complex polypeptides called eurypeptides. These compounds are used to help normalize hormone levels.

It is consumed by adding tongkat ali extracts as dietary supplements, or in tea, energy beverages, or coffee drinks. It can also be in the form of capsules as well..

Tonkat Ali is a herb that is native to south-eastern Asia. It is extracted from a green shrub tree named Eurycoma longifolia.


Benefits of Eurycoma longifolia supplement

1. Builds Muscle to Improve Performance of Athletes and Bodybuilders

Tongkat Ali has been a crucial element for increasing muscle mass and strengthening athletes. This is a result of the herb’s purported effects of increasing testosterone levels. It is claimed to boost athletic performance, mental strength, and to promote fat loss.

Components like quassinoids, including eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, and eurycomanone enhances a person’s strength and physical abilities. These compounds are present in tongkat ali. Hence, the composition of the individual gets improved and more structured.

A research conducted with 14 men within 5 weeks imply that those who took 100 mg of tongkat ali extract per day  were able to improve their running performances. They also experienced significantly greater increases in lean body mass than those taking a placebo. Also, tongkat ali helps a participant to lose fat and to be more fit.

Another research of intensive strength training program of 25 active older adults suggests that a daily dose of  400 mg of a Eurycoma longifolia aka tongat ali extract significantly  increased  muscular mass, strength, compared to those who participated in the program without the supplement.

2. Increases Testosterone Levels and Improves Male Fertility

Tongkat Ali is a great herbal remedy to increase semen volume, sperm count, and sperm motility. By increasing testosterone it reduces the chances of  low libido, erectile dysfunction, and infertility. Boosting up low testosterones stimulates sexual arousal and is a cure for  infertility and sexual dysfunctions in men. Using tongkat ali extract 200 mg per day will show results within a month. This plant contains small peptides named Eurypeptides which stimulate and increase the level of testosterone inside a male body. This plant is used by the Malaysians as a fatigue reducer and as an aphrodisiac in reducing erectile dysfunction.

While Tongkat Ali is primarily used by men for increasing sexual energy, some research and studies suggest this can have the same effect in promoting libido in women too…

Benefits of Tongkat Ali Eurycoma longifolia

3. Relieves Stress and Maintains Bone Health

Your skeletal system might be affected by depleting levels of the sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone which is a result of natural aging process.. Depleting levels of these hormones then result in body fatigue and stress.

Moreover, testosterone deficiency in men starts to weaken bones and bone density. This may lead to the reduction of bone strength and calcium absorption.

Tongkat ali can reverse this process. The boost in testosterone in men can directly improve bone density. This herb also boosts immune system Reducing bone resorption, protecting stomach lining and suppressing various types of microbes are also the results of the daily consumption of tongkat ali. This even creates a balance of the gut microbiome.

Reducing stress hormones, anxiety; improving mood are what Tongkat Ali is all about.

Tongkat Ali extract, in 1999, was decided as a possible comparison to a very familiar anti-anxiety medication that lowers anxiety symptoms, both in mice and in human beings (in limited cases)

A study conducted among 63 adults having moderate stress, revealed that compared to receiving a placebo, consuming 200 milligrams of Tongkat Ali extract every day lowered stress hormone (cortisol) levels in saliva by  16%.

Benefits of Eurycoma longifolia plant

4. Helps to Regulate Diabetes

Many researches imply that the consumption of Tongkat Ali extracts are also helpful for the regulation of blood glucose levels. Tests have been done upon rats to verify this claim.  The test was done between hyperglycaemic rats and normal rats. There wasn’t any change in the glucose level of normal rats but blood glucose levels drastically dropped by about 38% – 47% after consumption of Tongkat Ali supplements in hyperglycaemic rats.

The reduction of lipid accumulation is seen on human bodes after consuming Tongkat Ali. It also successfully increases the insulin sensitivity in a dose-dependent way. So, this herb can be used effectively to manage diabetes.

Side Effects

Research reports suggest that the side effects of consuming Tongkat Ali are few and mild. You can face nausea and an upset stomach. You should always remember to consume it with food or herbal drinks. Over consumption of Tongkat Ali may lead to high level of testosterone production causing heart disease, hormone-sensitive cancers, liver or kidney disease, or sleep apnea etc.

So, Tongkat Ali can a pretty useful herbal plant, but always consult your physician before starting Tongkat Ali to determine if it is right for you.

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