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How to Submit Editorial to Fashion Magazine

If you are looking to submit fashion editorial to magazine, the easiest way to submit to magazine that does periodical print issues specializing in editorial fashion photography. If you plan to submit to fashion magazine, shoot with people who have been published in magazine already.

5 Innovations and Trends that are Reshaping the Beauty Industry

In less technical terms, the beauty sector is gaining in popularity across the globe, and for a number of compelling reasons. From getting rid of excess body fat, to kissing your razor and tweezers goodbye for good, all the way to eliminating unwanted pigmentation and treating other skin irregularities.

Must-have Skills And Tips For Aspiring Makeup Artists

Becoming a makeup artist is a great career path for many reasons. Not only do you get to make people feel empowered, but by learning the essential and necessary skills, you’re sure to lead a successful and long lasting career in the makeup industry.

How to Maintain The 3D Mink Beauty Eyelashes

The Mink Eyelashes is designed to bestow females with the best, charming look that would give them a sense of class and also attract respectable people around them. But it requires some maintenance to enjoy the use.

Interview with Makeup Artist Reena Thind

"Makeup is there simply to enhance an individual’s existing beauty." Reena, tell us more about yourself and how did you discover a love for makeup? Well, whe...

What is Editorial Makeup?

No fashion editorial can happen without a makeup artist. Makeup is a key factor in the fashion world. It is crucial to have professional makeup application as it gives a continuation of the theme or story.

Interview with makeup artist Alisha Ehret

"Makeup is a special kind of art." Alisha, how did your career begin in the world of beauty? I’ve started my career in 2008. I’ve done an education as a Hair...

Rose Prebola

Makeup Artist and Photographer   My name is Rose Prebola, and I’m an artist based out of Michigan. I am currently a graphic design student, though h...

Makeup Artist Corine Potter

Corine Potter Makeup ArtistPhoto: Noe Lozano Talented, motivated & ambitious, sought-after ​Florida makeup artist Corine Potter began her ​beauty career a...