Your Guide to Dressing for a Wedding

Weddings are the perfect occasions to celebrate love, friendship, and beauty. This year, take your wedding wardrobe to the next level by learning all of the tips and tricks to dressing beautifully for your next wedding. Whether you will be attending a black-tie evening wedding, or a tropical wedding on a stunning beach, we have got you covered.

Read on to learn how you can find the most beautiful wedding guest dresses, and discover the ultimate guide to dressing for a wedding.

dressing for a wedding

Following the Dress Code

These days, most couples will set a wedding dress code and print this on the invitation, so that all of their guests have some insight into the style of the event and know exactly what kind of attire to wear. Following the wedding dress code is key to fitting in with the style of the other guests, but also gives you some flexibility to pick an ensemble that will also make you feel beautiful.

If you are attending a wedding that has a black-tie or formal dress code, this typically means that this will be an evening event where ladies should wear a floor-length gown or a sophisticated pants suit, and that men should opt for a tuxedo or a formal, dark suit with a tie. Formal weddings are one of the popular choices, and typically have a very elegant ambiance, filled with beautiful flowers, stunning candles and lighting, as well as delicious food. You will feel like a prince or princess attending a royal ball, and will love dressing to perfection for this formal event.

Weddings and other special occasions provide a wonderful opportunity to showcase a more polished and refined version of your personal style. There are bridesmaid dresses designed for everyone, in every gorgeous cut and silhouette imaginable.

If there’s a big event coming up and you’re unsure what to wear, start by taking the core elements of your everyday style. If you gravitate toward simple classic designs, let that dictate your choice in evening wear. If you love floral prints and texture detail, look for garments that have a little of that flair.

Take the foundation of your personal style—the key pieces that make it what it is—and let that be the baseline that determines the dress you wear to that next big event.

Another popular wedding dress code that you will see for many morning and afternoon weddings is dressy-casual or semi-formal. Classy styles for dressy casual weddings include knee-length dresses, light colors, or a beautiful blouse and skirt for women, and a nice button-up with slacks for men. Make sure that you choose cocktail-inspired attire, and don’t choose an outfit that is too casual.

Last but not least, some brides and grooms opt for themed-wedding or tropical weddings that have unique dress codes where you can have fun, and let your creativity shine. For a themed-wedding, choose an outfit that is inspired by the venue, or wedding activities described in the invitation. For example, some couples may ask all of their guests to wear one certain color, or they might choose looks inspired by eras, films, or events. The dress code for a tropical, or destination wedding, on the other hand should include more breathable options, such as a stunning sun dress, or a short-sleeved button down with your favorite pair of trousers.

Seasonal Weddings

Our guide to dressing for a wedding would not be complete without also addressing seasonal weddings.

Depending on the time of year of the wedding you are attending, you can adjust your wardrobe to fit the season and weather. For example, a winter wedding opt for dresses and jackets with warmer fabrics such as velvet, wool, and cashmere, along with fall colors, or a classic dark shade. On the other hand, for a spring or summer wedding, opt for pastels, floral-inspired dresses, and lighter fabrics, such as cotton, silk, or chiffon.

Avoid Wearing White

Another key tip to consider when dressing for a wedding is to avoid wearing white. The color white, along with shades of ivory and off-white, are typically reserved for the bride on her special day. Unless the bride and groom specifically request for their guests to wear white, make sure you stay away from this color when choosing your next wedding outfit.

Be Comfortable

While all of the above factors definitely play a role in deciding what you should wear to your next wedding, remember that dressing comfortably is also very important.

One of the worst things you can do is wear a pair of heels that hurt your feet, or wear a garment that is uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time, because you want to make sure that you are able to be comfortable in your attire, and enjoy this special day to the fullest. You can always bring an extra pair of shoes in your bag, in case you need to switch to a more comfortable footwear option after the photos are taken, so that you can strut your moves on the dance floor in style, while being comfortable at the same time.

Final Remarks

We hope you have enjoyed learning all of the latest tips and tricks in this fabulous guide to dressing for a wedding. Remember to look for the wedding dress code on the invitation when you receive it in the mail, and to consider the venue, season, and time of the wedding to create the ultimate wedding look. Whichever style you choose, you will surely look and feel amazing on this special day.

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