Your Basic Guide to Buying Golf Polo Shirts for Men

Are you heading for some tee time? Forget about your T-shirts and instead wear the right polo shirt. Use this guide when buying golf polo shirts.

What is the Best Fabric for Polo Shirts?

Polo manufacturers these days use a variety of materials. Some have merino wool, while others utilize cotton. Many mix synthetic and natural fibers, while others are a combination of spandex and polyester.

Your Basic Guide to Buying Golf Polo Shirts for Men

One of the best fabrics for Golf Polo shirts is Jersey knit. It possesses some of the best features of its raw materials:

Cotton, which makes it more breathable

Wool, which helps to trap the heat

Synthetic, which provides the fabric more stretch and flexibility than woven polo shirts

Jersey knit fabrics are also moisture-wicking. It means it draws moisture such as sweat away from the body and into the clothing. This way, sweat evaporates more quickly. It also assists the human body regulate temperature better.

Where To Get Highly Functional And Stylish Golf Polos From?

Druids is an Irish golf apparel company that has been producing some of the best golf polos.

The premium quality fabric and technology used in production of these polos make them comfortable, stretchable, moisture-wicking, and quick drying.

In short, Druids polos have all the features needed to ensure pleasant and effective gameplay.

The brand pays special attention to the designs of the polos as well. One can choose their favorite colour and pattern from hundreds of articles available on the Druids’ website.

Their latest collection features honeycomb polo, metallic streak polo, camo polo, and abstract polo- each one of these is stunning and unique in its own way.

The best thing about golf polos is that not only are they functional and stylish but also super affordable. The brand has always believed in keeping the prices low and quality high- these golf polos are a proof of that.

How about the Length and Style of the Polo Shirts?

Shops carry different sizes and styles. It can be overwhelming, but you can narrow down your choices by focusing on the essentials:

• Collar – Find a structured design, which means it is crisp to the touch. You can pull it up when your neck needs more protection from the sun.

• Length of Sleeves – Can you wear long-sleeved shirts on the golf course? Yes, but it is not the most comfortable to wear. Keep in mind that your arms and hands should be free to move.

The ideal Golf Polo shirts for men have sufficient arm sleeves with tips that rest near the elbow. They should not be tight that they limit the movement of your upper arms and shoulders as you work to improve your swings with a sturdy Golf Practice Net. You know you have the right size when the upper seams align with your shoulder blades.

• Length of the Polo – Polo shirts for golf courses is ideally long. You can tuck or untuck them depending on the occasion. If you are playing for a charity event or with business partners, tucking them gives you a more polished, professional look.

Your Basic Guide to Buying Golf Polo Shirts for Men

However, it should not be incredibly long as it makes you appear bigger, or the shirt may wear you down when it is untucked. The ideal length is one that is about an inch or two, lower than your waistline.

• Color and Design – Polo shirts are available in many colors, so take your pick. If you want the classic look, white is your best bet. If you like to stand out from the crowd, choose bolder shades such as pink, green, or blue.

You may also shop for themed or printed polo shirts, which are great when you are into casual playing.

Just find polo shirts that do not reflect light and come with UV-resistant feature for extra sun protection.

You do not need to be a professional to dress right in the golf course. With the best polo shirt, you will enjoy the purest golf moments even if you are a spectator. The best polo shirt for tee time provides you with sun protection, flexibility, and movement.

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