Working Remotely in 2021? Here’s How to Create a Productive (and Beautiful) Home Office Space

Covid-19 forced employees all over the world to work remotely. This led many companies to discover that remote work is a logical solution for their business. In fact, about 56% of workers in America hold a job that is at least partially compatible with working remotely.

With this recent realization, experts are predicting a long-term increase in the amount of work from home positions. This change could save thousands of dollars in office rental space for companies. However, the home environment isn’t quite as encouraging for productivity.

Working Remotely
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If you’re looking to work from home in 2021, you’ll need a space that prevents the temptation to work in your pajamas, binge Netflix, or play with the kids.

So how do you build a realistic workspace to stay motivated, focused, and on task? Follow along to learn how to master your flexible work schedule and boost productivity in your home office.

Choose Your Space

Before you can transform your new remote office into a productive space, you’ll need to find the perfect location for your work. This will depend heavily on your daily tasks, the amount of traffic in your home, and how much space you need.

While many workers set up shop at their kitchen tables through the pandemic, this solution isn’t the greatest choice for a long-term home office. Instead, you’ll want to choose a room that is separate from your lounging areas. This will mimic the feeling of ‘going to work’ and create some division between your work hours and your relaxing hours.

Try to choose a room that has ample natural lighting and a door that can be used to shut out noises from children, pets, or the television. Make sure you’ll have enough room to accommodate a desk, storage, and space to move around without feeling claustrophobic.

Invest in the Right Furniture

Take the time to research and find the best desk and office chair in your budget. You’ll be spending hours each day at your workstation so it’s important to shop for comfort and functionality.

A desk that’s not the right height or a chair that doesn’t support your back can cause pain, discomfort, and ultimately, a lack of productivity.

Consider whether a standing or sitting desk is best for you or shop for options that allow you to change it up when you see fit. Avoid the temptation to lug your dining chair into your office space. Instead, choose a supportive chair that will keep your body in an optimal working position.

Ditch the Laptop

While convenient, laptops aren’t ideal when it comes to a productive workspace. The portable features can make it tempting to move around through your house to work or even take your work to bed with you.

This makes it incredibly difficult to divide your personal and professional time and can eat into your working hours. Beyond this, the compact screen, keyboard, and trackpad promote poor posture and painful positions.

Instead, get a desktop computer for your office and use cloud services or memory cards to take your work with you when needed. If you must use a laptop, consider purchasing attachments to make your workspace more functional.

Attach a monitor to your setup to ensure your computer screen is at the right height and not causing you to strain your neck. You can even use this monitor as a second work screen to make switching back and forth between documents easier and save yourself time.

Invest in a good keyboard and mouse to ensure your wrists aren’t stuck in uncomfortable positions and can move more freely. You’ll often find an external keyboard will support an easier typing experience. This can increase your speed and productivity when completing type-based tasks.

Create Separation

Set some boundaries to ensure your workspace remains a workspace. Keep your area tidy and limit the number of items that creep into your office from other areas of the house.

Try finishing off each workday by tidying up the area and removing anything that may have snuck in through the day. You can even set office hours to ensure you stick to your schedule and add in a deliberate ‘clean up time’ to keep up the practice.

Come to an agreement with household members to make your office is strictly for your work. This means it shouldn’t be used for other purposes, both during and after work hours. This environment encourages you to establish habits and routines that boost productivity.

Another great rule for separation is to use a separate computer for work than your personal activities. This reduces the number of distractions that you have on your work computer. You’ll also find your personal time more freeing and won’t associate the laptop usage with work.

Make It Inviting

Now that you’ve chosen your ideal space and separated work from play, it’s time to make your workspace more appealing. Add in your personal touch by using decorations and organization in your office. This will encourage a positive association with the space and make going to work more desirable.

Incorporate colors that make you feel awake and energized and choose decorations that motivate you. For an esthetically pleasing office consider adding a bit of life with plants.

Studies have even revealed that using plants in your remote office help to improve air quality, reduce stress and increase happiness. Adding just a few plants can boost your productivity as a whole and make your office more pleasant to spend time in.

Choose beautiful planters that compliment your decor on sites such as potsplantersandmore.com and make esthetics part of your new, normal working conditions.

Master Working Remotely in 2021

Now that you know how to create a beautiful and productive workspace, you can set forth with confidence for working remotely in 2021. From more comfortable furniture to a clean and inviting space, you’ll be smashing your work goals in your customized home office.

Did you find these tips and tricks helpful? Don’t forget to check out our other articles to discover more how-to secrets to get you on the path to living your best and most productive life.

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