Why School Districts Matter When Buying a House…Even if You Don’t Have Kids

Purchasing a house is a big decision and there are many factors that require careful consideration. Among the things we need to weigh in our minds are size and layout, condition, location, neighborhoods, etc. If there are kids involved, you also need to think about things such as a spacious yard, designated playroom, and, of course, a great school district. Buyers who don’t have kids and are not currently planning to have them, often choose to neglect the importance of school districts.

Although this may seem logical if you’re not a parent, it’s actually far from a smart move. Everyone who’s done some research by talking with agents and browsing online listings has certainly come across local school ratings. The fact is that they play an equal role in neighborhood lifestyle statistics as the data about crime, amenities, and more. This means that the information is certainly valuable, so let’s see why it matters even if you don’t have kids.

School Districts

A Caring and Family-Oriented Community

Good school districts don’t simply appear from nowhere – they’re created by stable communities where locals value the education of their children highly. This also means that you’ll have neighbors who will do their best to keep the neighborhood well-maintained and safe. Simply put, you’ll be surrounded by people who truly care. A family-oriented community gathered around a good school district is not just about lower crime rates and keeping the surroundings clean and neat – it’s a question of a much higher quality of life overall.

Kids Can Catch You By Suprise

Many of the potential mistakes and pitfalls buyers can make come from a lack of thinking about the future. A house must fit both your current needs and future ones. There are many things we can predict, but parenthood doesn’t always come announced. If you haven’t chosen a neighborhood that will suit the needs of a growing family, you’ll be forced to sell and start the whole process of house-hunting again – not an ideal situation when you’ve got an unexpected “+ 1”. But if you’ve chosen the location with a good school district, you’re already in the proximity of libraries, baseball or soccer fields, and green spaces such as parks and playgrounds. This means that you’ll be fully prepared – there’ll be a rich variety of activities for the kids on every corner, not to mention other nearby children to play with.

Thinking Like a Future Seller

Even if you’ve firmly decided never to have kids, you also need to think about the future from the role of a seller. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make in life and school districts can (and do) play an important part in this financial equation. You need to perform proper research to gain insight into available lenders and the deals they offer, and then weigh all the options up before making a decision. The role of schools in your neighborhood becomes crucial when the issue of resale arises down the road. You never know where life will take you, and a great school district is also a great selling point that will attract buyers with kids. Parents with school-age children will certainly be ready to pay more because of the fact that they’ll be able to send their kids to the excellent local public schools and not in private expensive ones, which will actually save them money in the long run.

Untouched by Market Downturn

The paragraph above is not a ʽwhat ifʼ story. It’ a fact that houses in good school districts score much better in every aspect of the sales process. They get far more views on real estate websites, and some people are willing to pay 50% above asking price for a house in a good school district. Not only are those houses able to command higher prices, but they also sell more quickly than ones in poorly rated school zones. And the best part of the story is, that established neighborhoods with top school districts are able to hold their value even during a market downturn. While we can’t neglect the fact that the residential market is cooling, areas with an excellent school district remain immune to this shift, so that appreciating and enduring home value is not only more valuable but brings you peace of mind for the future.

As you can see, kids are not the only reason why school districts matter when buying a house. They’re indicators of a great community with a higher quality of life, a good foundation for starting a family, whether it’s planned or not, and a smart investment that will certainly pay off in the future.

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