Why Is Nike So Popular? How and Why They Dominate the Market

We know that Nike makes quality athletic shoes and athletic wear, but why is Nike so popular? Here’s why and how they dominate the market.

The world of fashion has evolved tremendously with time, and unlike some years ago, today, we all want to wear designer clothing’s from head to toe. You will agree with me, looking good can help boost your confidence, especially when in public.

However, some designer labels are trendy more than others, depending on factors like marketing, quality, and varied design models. The Nike Company is one of the largest footwear dealers in the world whose market stability has been assured since it first entered the international market.

The Nike brand got promoted to the foreign market in 1972, at the United States Olympic Trials, which took place in Canada. There are various reasons why Nike is so popular, and the brand is widespread.

It is vital to understand that initially, the company was known as Blue Ribbon Sports. However, the name was later changed to Nike, Inc. later on in 1978 and two years after, the company’s brand name went public.

Regardless of having numerous competitors in the footwear market, Nike has been outstanding over time. You probably are wondering why Nike is so famous since it first got into the international market. I will show you how!

Nike replicas are so hot that people are willing to snatch them online even knowing they are fake. So, why is Nike so popular, let’s explore.

why Nike is so popular

1. Celebrity Endorsements

You must have heard of big names like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Mia Hamm and Roger Federer from their respective sports games. What hits your mind when you think of Air Jordan footwear?

Well, allow me to bring to your attention that it is Michael Jordan’s shoe line, but the parent brand owner is the Nike Company. In 1984, Nike signed Jordan (basketball superstar) as its spokesman and both having been working together until today.

This can give the best explanation that despite selling for a few hundreds of dollars, you will still find individuals buying Air Jordans in plenty.

Also, the company has got into long-term deals with athletes like Derek Jeter, a superstar baseball player since 2000. If you are a football fan, you must be well aware of the name Cristiano Ronaldo. These are some of the few household names that have made the Nike brand so popular over the years.

Also, you need to note that the Nike Company targets future superstars early enough to secure its branding. For instance, Rory Mcllory, who is Tiger Woods’ heir as the next best golf player, is signed with Nike for a ten-year sponsorship deal estimated to be more than two hundred million dollars since 2013.

2. Why Is Nike So Popular – Excellent Marketing Campaigns Explain

Besides the athletic world, Nike is known not only for manufacturing but also for high quality marketing shoes such as the latest off white jordan 1. The company has a unique slogan, Just Do It, and an iconic swoosh on every pair of shoe produced.

The Nike slogan has been resourceful to help the brand dominate speedily because it triggers emotional reactions from consumer market who become attached to the brand. This helps to increase the desire in consumers to possess the brand.

It is undeniably true that Nike products have dominated the world of sports. Nonetheless, the grand product entrance into the world of fashion is not debatable. It is known to give its consumers the true taste of quality that makes them recurrent buyers.

When you see your favorite musician rocking a Nike T-shirt, it creates the desire in an individual to get one like that of their superstar.

3. Buying Out Other Competitor Companies

Dominating the market is one tactic that has made the Nike Company so popular. The acquisition of other shoe companies by Nike has facilitated the expansion of its operations as well as diversification of its shoe products.

Nike is responsible for buying off other shoe companies more so in the sportswear industry. Some of these companies include Cole Haan, which was started in 1988 and later on sold in 2012. Converse Shoe Company was also sold in 2003 and Bauer, previously known as Canstar Sports, which got sold to Nike in 2008.

It is important to mention that Nike started making these purchases in the early 1990s, a move that has ensured its dominance in the industry.

4. Quality Of Products

It feels good dressed up in quality comfortable shoes when attending a function or an event, right? The Nike shoe company has maintained its popularity across generations because of high-quality manufacturing shoes.

Furthermore, these shoes come in numerous designs that are attractive and long-lasting. The quality of shoes manufactured by the company has ensured that it retains its market as well as attract more consumers.

You need to understand that delivering quality products and services to customers guarantees them satisfaction. It boosts your customers buying culture as-as well recommend more consumers to buy your products.

The consistent production of high-quality clothing both in the fashion industry and in the world of sports has facilitated the prolonged dominance of the Nike Company since it first entered the foreign market.

As Can Be Seen

Since its inception, the Nike Company has been ranked amongst the topmost companies to deliver quality shoes both for athletes and fashion. The company has been effective to meet its consumer needs maintaining a good brand image for its shoe products over the years.

It is also important to mention that Nike forms the first company ever to produce shoes that suit distance runners with low weight. Manufacturers deliver trendy models of shoes per the fashion of the day.

The company ensures constant growth by producing quality products for both male and female use.  Also, the target market has been increasing slowly because shoes produced are meant for both adults and children.

So why is Nike so popular as compared to other competitors? This list is endless. Nike remains and will continue being one of the largest shoe companies that produce attractive and good quality footwear that will serve you for years.

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