Why Choose Liberal Arts?

The concept of liberal arts is one that is not fixed. Some might be uncomfortable with the word “liberal” because they might have their own conservative point of view. Some might be worried to choose the liberal arts for fear of being in conflict over topics such as politics. Note though, that the liberal arts education is not founded in politics but is instead a broad term for education that is more about exposing yourself to new ideas.

When it comes to the “arts”, there is often the misconception that it only focuses on the fine arts, with the inclusion of theatre and music. However, liberal arts education also encompasses mathematics, business, and computer science to name a few. It also includes humanities and language courses, such as at the language school singapore.

Why Choose Liberal Arts
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So why choose to have a liberal arts education? Here are a few reasons we have for you!

1. Exposure To Different Areas Of Study

When it comes to liberal arts education, you are prepared to become someone who is able to see things from different perspectives instead of one, adapt to, and work well with others. In order to do this, there is an interdisciplinary approach to learning. This means that different subjects are merged together in order to present to students a wider range of subjects being learned. For example, business majors have to participate in some social science classes while the arts students have to take on a statistics module. This method of learning gives students the advantage of having more than one skill set which gives them more options to choose from when finding a career in the future. Additionally, the ability to think from multiple perspectives is something that bosses look out for too.

Lastly, liberal arts colleges usually give their students a bit more freedom than regular schools. Students with similar interests are given the opportunity to band together and create a program that suits their interests.

2. Engaging Classroom Environment

When it comes to the liberal arts, you will not find yourself sitting in a huge lecture hall with another two hundred students. Instead, the class size of a liberal arts class is rather small. As such, there is the opportunity to engage and interact with everyone in class thus creating a sense of familiarity. This creates a safe space for students to express their opinions freely and promote efficient learning.

What’s more, professors and students have a close relationship with one another. Compared to other faculties, there are more mentorship programs available in the liberal arts.

Why Choose Liberal Arts
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3. Learn Critical And Innovative Thinking

Liberal arts colleges provide students with the chance to develop an all-rounded problem solving and critical thinking skills. This is done with the help of having lecture-style classes, where information is shared through class discussion. This then forces students to think about how to think rather than the mere question of what to think about. Being actively involved in a group discussion showcases the differing opinions out there and brings everything together to prove certain points. The main idea is to learn how to draw the dots and make a connection instead of senselessly spending time memorizing quotes that serve no purpose in the future. The skill of being able to think outside the box and from different perspectives is very valuable.

4. Financial Aid Opportunities

Attending private universities can be quite pricey when you compare it with the fees needed for public school education. As you might not know, liberals arts colleges are private institutions. As a result, they are also better able at providing generous financial aid to those in need. This aid comes in the form of scholarships based on merit, talent, and financial background.

5. Post Graduate Studies

If you are looking to continue your studies, give the liberal arts a chance. This is because liberal arts programs have on average a higher than the usual number of students entering established graduate schools not excluding medical school, engineering programs, and even law school. The path that comes after a liberals arts education is broad, giving you more opportunity to choose what you really want to pursue. This then all boils down to the fact that liberal arts students are capable of thinking critically and out of the box, something that is very beneficial and a skill that many bosses look out for.

Additionally, students in a small college have more opportunities to be involved in research activities. As such, their research can then be used as a head start and followed up after they graduate.

6. Ready For What The Future Has To Bring

What do we mean by “what the future has to bring”? Well, we mean that when you study the liberal arts, not only are you prepared for your first job out of college, but it also prepares you for jobs that have not come yet. According to research done by the US Department of Labour, forty percent of the current jobs available will eventually turn redundant. As such, those positions will no longer be available to jobseekers. This is where the benefit of being a liberal arts student comes in. With the learned in class, it will make them more versatile. Not to mention, the critical thinking skills and ability to adapt to different situations will make them a more appealing candidate compared to one who is only fixed on a certain skill and is unable to adjust to the changes.

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