Where You Should Visit in Europe Based on Your Zodiac Sign

For some people, astrology is nothing but nonsense. For others, it’s been a guiding factor in their life since the first time they stumbled across a sun, moon rising calculator and began exploring their natal chart, which is also known as a birth chart. Those in the latter group are happy to attribute traits to their rising sign or blame Mercury’s retrograde for tough times, but even they might not have thought about how their sun sign could drive a European vacation!

There are a number of websites available, such as https://thehealingchest.com/ to help you learn more about the characteristics of each sign and discover their preferred destination for Holidays. You won’t find a lack of accurate astrology sites that, although new, provide great insights into which places in Europe resonate deeply with each sign in the Zodiac. The correct alignment of the planets and the stars will show you the best locations, whether you are on the lookout for an adventure-packed trip or a tranquil getaway. If you are a Saggitarius and you like reading, books like Stella Andromeda’s “Sagittarius” are a great place to start making discoveries. If you prefer video information over reading, Charlene Lizette’s films about Sagittarius could be right up your alley. You might also find the short characteristics of Sagittarius and the Astrology-Zodiac-Signs’ Sagittarius overview useful. Now let’s dive deep into signs and see where they would like to travel the most.


 Europe Based on Your Zodiac Sign


A conventional fire sign, Aries gets straight to the point with anything they do, much like the Danes. The people of Denmark, like Aries, are ready to challenge the status quo and debate their beliefs. Visit Copenhagen, Odense, or Kronborg Castle to take in just a sampling of the best places to visit in Europe.


 Europe Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Graceful and dependable, Taurus knows how to work hard and rest with that same enthusiasm, much like the people of Spain. Embrace a siesta between trips to Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville and see the sights like a true Spaniard might.


 Europe Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Gemini is as curious as they are clever, and France is one destination that has plenty to offer both sides of this sign. Visit famous French cities like Marseille, Nice, and, of course, Paris for some of the best art, culture, and food Europe has to offer.


 Europe Based on Your Zodiac Sign


A loyal, protective Cancer cares about few things as much as their family, much like the citizens of Turkey. A Turkish person cherishes the members of their family and shows Cancer-worthy loyalty to the people they love. Istanbul, Ankara, or Bodrom will let visitors experience a taste of this caring culture.


 Europe Based on Your Zodiac Sign


The colors and wonders of Portugal are an ideal match for a Leo’s self-assured enthusiasm! Lead an adventure through Lisbon, Sintra, or Porto and experience the Portuguese sights for yourself.


travel according to zodiac signs


Virgo may seem to be practical and methodical, but beneath that exterior skin, they’re some of the most sympathetic signs you’ll find. They’re sure to find their perfect match in the Czech Republic, with its cultural wonders and beautiful architecture alike, whether they head to Prague, Český Krumlov, or Kutna Hora.


travel according to zodiac signs


Classical music and mountaintops abound in Austria (well beyond the Trapp Family Singers) in a classic combination that’s sure to please a cozy Libra. Make your way to Vienna, Salzburg, or Linz to explore all things Austrian.


travel according to zodiac signs


Much like a mysterious Scorpio, Bulgarians may seem reserved and brooding to the unfamiliar eye. Beneath a gruff exterior, though, you’ll find Bulgaria to be welcoming, affable, and deeply caring. Scorpio should be sure to add Varna, Sofia, or Plovdiv to their European bucket list.


travel according to zodiac signs


A Sagittarius is known for their fierce loyalty, unique talent, and assertive personality, much like the Greeks. Greece will welcome Sagittarius with open arms, whether they visit Santorini, Athens, or Mykonos.


 Europe Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Capricorn loves nothing more than a challenge, and what could be more challenging than a hike in the Swiss Alps? Even if they aren’t one for mountain climbing, a Capricorn simply must stop by Switzerland, by way of Bern, Zürich, or Geneva.


 Europe Based on Your Zodiac Sign


With their optimism and enthusiasm, Aquarius will fit in effortlessly throughout the friendly country of Norway. In Oslo, Tromsø, or Bergen, they’ll surely make new friends over drinks, dinners, or just the sheer act of traveling.


 Europe Based on Your Zodiac Sign

A sensitive Pisces feels things just a little more strongly than most other signs, so it’s hardly a surprise that they’d be drawn to the emotional volatility of Italy. Through Rome, Amalfi, or Milan, Pisces can feel not just the vibrancy of Italy in the moment but also the centuries of Italian history that came before.

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