What’s the Best Hair Removal System

Hair is great, but sometimes it’s got to go. Whether getting rid of unwanted hair for good or trying to touch up sensitive areas of skin, care for hair removal is important for the sake of your skin’s health. Some hair removal systems rely on substances for manipulation while others use lasers and electricity. Either way, it’s not about which system is the best: it’s about which hair removal system works best for you. Here are some top hair removal methods that are known to deliver consistent, long-lasting results:

IPL Hair Removal

Intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal was created to get rid of hair without damaging or burning the skin. Light pulses not only eliminate hair but destroy hair at the root, delaying regrowth for long-term hair reduction. And, when hair does grow back, it is finer, smaller, and less irritating to the skin. What’s more, IPL treatments are safe enough to be administered at home with hand-held devices like Lumi that give spa-like results. With this system, skin can be smooth and hairless without a trip to the dermatologist. IPL is on the rise for a reason—accessibility, convenience, and cost.

Best Hair Removal System

Laser Hair Removal

Similar to IPL but more intense and longer-lasting, laser hair removal is a method that rids the body of hair by destroying hair follicles at the root with pointed lasers. These aren’t any old lasers, but instead, lasers that use particular wavelengths, pulse widths, and energy output to laser the area with accuracy and intensity. Though it is not available in a hand-held device, this system is available through a dermatologist or esthetician who treats areas of unwanted hair with several sessions over a period of time. With this system, people can go months without experiencing any regrowth. Hair growth may not be halted forever, but what does grow presents as thin, small, and less likely to irritate the skin. This hair removal system is a front runner for a reason.


Electrolysis is one of the few hair removal systems that boast of eliminating unwanted hair permanently. And what’s more, it destroys the hair follicle altogether, rather than repeatedly removing it after regrowth. This system works by inserting a fine needle into the hair follicle and administering an electrical current at the root, which burns the hair and prevents it from growing back. Electrolysis is effective because each hair follicle must be treated individually, which increases both accuracy and precision. This is also why this method must be done in a dermatologist’s or esthetician’s office: the need for accuracy makes the need for professional supervision absolutely necessary. Smooth, hairless skin becomes a reality after several consistent treatments at the office.


Widely available and preventative, the wax method uses melted wax beans to remove hair from the skin once the wax has spread and cooled. Swift hair removal from the skin creates a smooth surface once the wax is removed. And because this system of hair removal rids hair at the follicle, hair regrowth is delayed for longer periods of time. When hair does eventually make its way back, there is less of a chance that the skin will be irritated, thanks to hair growing back lighter and slower. This also makes your skin less likely to experience ingrown hairs, blemishes, redness, and overall discomfort. Waxing allows you to enjoy hair-free skin for up to a few weeks, as opposed to just a few days with shaving. It is a go-to for many because it can either be done at home or professionally in the office with a specialist.


This method is also known as ‘sugar waxing’ because of its many similarities to standard waxing. There is no denying the similarities: both involve spreading a hot, melted substance onto the skin, allowing it to cool, and stripping it from the skin to remove the hair beneath it. However, the difference with sugaring is that it’s lighter overall. It can be washed away with water which makes it easier to correct mistakes and clean up once you’ve finished. What’s more, it is gentler on the skin than wax because it consists of real sugar and other natural ingredients. It also has a honey-like consistency that distinguishes itself from standard wax; sugar wax isn’t “wax” at all. It is ideal for people with sensitive skin who want the same effects as waxing without the discomfort that follows.

Shaving and using topical treatments do serve their purpose, but there are other methods that go above and beyond to achieve smooth, hairless skin results. Knowing what’s what can allow you to try different methods and make your own hair-removal decisions. Methods that work beneath the surface to achieve smooth results are leading the way in hair removal and skin health—pick the one that works best for you.

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