What To Do After You’re Injured In A Slip And Fall Accident

It’s not always clear what to do after an injury in a slip and fall accident. You’ve got your immediate physical needs like first aid, but you might also be wondering about how the incident will affect your life. What happens if someone else is at fault? Do I have any legal recourse? How much time off work am I entitled to take for my injuries? If you’re looking for answers, this article has them! We’ll cover everything from first aid to considering your legal rights as soon as possible.

slip and fall accident

What to do immediately after the accident

    • If there’s a scene that needs to be cleared, clear it. If the scene is unsafe then stay away until you’re certain you’re out of harm’s way.
    • Assess yourself for injuries. Are you bleeding? Did something fall on your head? Is anything broken? It’s okay if you don’t know what’s wrong immediately after an accident. You can check back on more serious issues once first aid has been given.
    • Call 911 if necessary so medical attention can be administered as soon as possible, especially if the injuries are severe enough to need immediate care or if there are life-threatening conditions like heart attack . This isn’t always necessary though; some minor injuries only need basic first aid before seeing a doctor later on.
    • Give first aid if necessary. If you are trained, or have at least some form of formal training in being able to give first aid, then that’s great. This means you can probably help until professional assistance arrives. However, even if don’t have training it is still possible to provide basic first aid treatment for some common injuries . For example, applying an ice pack on a swollen area, covering wounds with bandages and cleaning minor scrapes and burns are all things almost anyone can do without formal medical training.

According to the legal experts at https://www.fasigbrooks.com/panama-city/, when someone is at fault during an accident, the aftermath can be confusing and chaotic. This in turn can cause you to ask these aforementioned questions.

Seek legal advice

The best thing you can do after an accident is to get in touch with a slip and fall lawyer in evansville indiana so they can advise you of your rights moving forward. A qualified personal injury attorney will be able to tell you if someone else was at fault for the accident, what kinds of compensation or damages you might be entitled to receive and how long a period of time it might take for the entire process to run its course.

Keep good records and document everything you can about the incident, including pictures, receipts, witness statements etc…

If possible, ask witnesses to write down their versions of events for you. This will help the slip and fall lawyer in helping you know what kind of case they can build to prove that someone else is at fault for the accident.

Understand the time constraints of a slip and fall

Before you try to file a claim, make sure that you understand how much time is going to elapse before you can even think about doing so.

Be aware that most states have statutes of limitation that can vary depending on the type of case or accident involved. For example, the statute of limitations for slip and fall cases in California is 2 years after an injury. This means claimants must act within this time frame (i.e., file their claims) or else they’ll risk forfeiting any future right to compensation for injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents.

Also be aware that workers’ compensation benefits are often limited to worker’s whose accidents occurred during work hours.


If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, it’s important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. A qualified personal injury attorney will be able to tell you if someone else was at fault for the accident, what kind of compensation or damages you might be entitled to receive and how long the entire process could take. It can also help them build a case that proves who is responsible for your injuries so they may get the justice they deserve.

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