What Every Woman Needs in Her Closet this Year

2020 is in full swing! Don’t get left in the dust. Make sure that you fill your closet with the year’s hottest fashion. Some pieces might be a total throwback, while others are super-contemporary. No matter what your fashion sense may be, you’re bound to find some clothing ideas that suit your style perfectly on this list.

So without further ado, here’s your fashion trends for this year.

her closet this year

1. Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is the perfect dress for spring and summer closet. Wrap dresses are light, airy, and free-flowing, so they’re perfect for wearing outdoors on a sunny day. They’re also incredibly versatile, and come in trendy patterns or neutral designs that look great at the office. As most wrap dresses are now designed with natural organic fabrics, they’re also better for the environment, too! Wear them on your summer stroll, to work, or out on a date on a warm evening.

2. Crochet Hat

So far as headgear is concerned, get yourself a crochet hat this year. If you didn’t know, “crochet” is a style of creating fabric through interweaving thick yarn or thread. No, you don’t have to thread your own crochet hat! But much like glasses chains, the crochet style is certainly trending. The design is simple and elegant, and even evokes a 1920’s aesthetic. The best part about crochet hats is that they’re made of very soft and warm materials. For that reason, a crochet hat is great for fall and winter closet.

3. Eco-friendly Fashion

Fashion doesn’t just refer to a single article of clothing—it’s also a sensibility. And the predominant fashion sensibility of this year  is to go eco-friendly. Sustainable clothing is definitely in. What exactly is sustainable clothing? It’s clothing that’s made from recycled materials or from materials that don’t take too many resources out of the environment. There’s lots of stylish and cozy eco-friendly fashion out there, from snazzy handbags to comfortable women’s flats. Look good and help the environment at the same time!

4. Bamboo Bags

In 2018, bamboo was popularly used to make home décor. Now, bamboo has infiltrated fashion, too. Bamboo handbags are a must-have. Bamboo is smooth to the touch and adds a beautiful Earth-tone to your fashion. Bags made from bamboo are weaved in a beautifully textured pattern. You’ll look as cute as a panda when you’re going about town!

her closet this year

5. Bike Shorts

Fishnets are eyebrow-raising? Scratch that! Bike shorts might be the most outlandish piece of fashion in 2019. But, thanks in part to Kim Kardashian, they’re also one of the most popular and intriguing fashion items this year. Bike shorts are just that: shorts that you’d typically wear when you’re riding a bicycle. How do they work in fashion? Pair them up with a crop top or long jacket, and you’re set. What’s great about bike shorts is that they’re comfortable, and you can really show off your legs and your booty!

6. Faux-leather Earrings

If you’re looking to get new earrings in 2019, get faux-leather earrings. For one, faux-leather is relatively budget friendly. But it also looks amazing, especially the texture. Faux-leather can be easily cut and shaped, so you can find these earrings in a variety of interesting designs, from hearts, to leaves, to snowflakes. With the range of options for earrings, it’s now easier than ever to pare it with every hairstyle or aesthetic that you’re trying on any give night!

7. Sequin Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are still just as popular as they were in 2018. They’re definitely a throwback item, but there’s a certain feminine confidence that jumpsuits evoke, and they’re great for highlighting your figure. This has popularized one jumpsuit in particular—the flashy sequin jumpsuit. The sequin makes for a bold fashion statement. Have one in your wardrobe for those nights you’re going clubbing and want to shine brighter than the disco ball.

8. Puff Sleeves

Another fashion trend that returns from 2018 is the puff sleeve. Clearly, the puff sleeve has more elegance than the shoulder pads of 1980’s men’s fashion. What’s nice about puff sleeves is that they emphasize your shoulders without appearing too bulgy and distracting. Puff sleeves can match any aesthetic that you’re trying to present—either a womanly confidence at social events, or a gentle and cushiony flower girl appearance at festivals.

9. Leather Jackets

Leather jackets! Once in fashion, always in fashion. Leather jackets are perfect for winter, and, like always, they can exude either professional or casual vibes. That’s the magic of a timeless piece that mixes punk rock with haute couture.

het closet this year

Which fashion trends are your most excited about? If you haven’t already, fill your closet in style so you can join the party.

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