What Benefits Can You Get From A Dust Collection System?

Do you know that every thirty seconds a worker dies due to toxic exposure in the workplace? Dust and toxic exposure at work can cause serious harm to workers no matter how small the amount is. While toxic exposure is taken much more seriously by the industry owners, occupational dust exposure is often overlooked.

Exposure to dust can have serious long term effects on the body including lung cancer, stomach cancer, emphysema, silicosis, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.

A dust collector can help you minimize the amount of dust you inhale at work by collecting dust particles. Let’s read on to know more about the benefits of a dust collection system.

Dust Collection System

Don’t ‘Blow-Off’ the Dust

You might think that a little layer of dust can only cause so much trouble, but mixed with the right condition, dust can become deadly. Dust explosion is a serious concern among factory owners and managers.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), combustible dust mixed with fire and oxygen can cause a catastrophic explosion. Industries working with chemical, rubber, wood, dyes, coal, and plastic need to run regular dust inspections and install a dust collection system.

Dust Collection System

The industries like forestry, mining, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing can have polluted air. Even when you are working with wood, the air can get polluted with sawdust.

A dust collector can battle this pollution. The dust collection system is a mechanism that screens dust, pollutants, and other toxic chemicals from the indoor air of a factory.

How Does the System Work?

The dust collection process can be broken down in three phases. In the first phase, it sucks in compromised air from a space. Then, the system filters it to screen the dust and polluted particles.

It then frees the clean air into the environment or returns it into its initial space. Large dust collectors are set away from the facility and require a duct system for collecting dust.

Dust Collection System

Benefits of the Dust Collection System

Installing a dust collection system can improve work efficiency, working environment, and reduce cost. Improving air quality by installing a dust collection system also helps industries to comply with the environment and labor protection law.

Improved Health Condition

If the air is filled with dust, there is a risk that it can get inhaled by the workers and creates respiratory disease. For example, lung cancer is very common for workers who are in the wood industry. With a dust collector, this health risk can be averted. It can filter the air and improve air quality.

Improved Safety at Workplace

Dust particles, gasses, and debris can accumulate in machine parts and make it prone to fire or other accidents. Dust particles floating in the air can create a harmful reaction with other chemicals causing an explosion.

A dust collector can filter out the dust so that there is no chance of explosion or fire incidences due to dust particles.

Meeting Compliance and Environmental Regulation

Industries have to comply with different environmental and worker safety regulations. A large part of these environmental regulations focuses on indoor air quality. If the air quality is not maintained, you can be fined or lose your industry license.

A dust collector can help your industry comply with these laws and might even get you a possible reduction on the tax.

Improved Productivity

Machines and equipment can slow down due to dust accumulation. The slower machine is bound to cause frequent disruptions in the production process.

An industrial dust collector can filter out the dust to keep the machine and apparatus dust free. Thus, improved productivity can be achieved.

Better Quality of Product or Service

Dust floating in the air can accumulate on the products. It can hamper the production process or reduce the quality of the product. A factory dust collector can keep away dust and fumes from the production area, thus ensuring better product quality.

Dust Collection System

Improved Employee Satisfaction

The working environment has a significant impact on employee satisfaction. If you provide a safe and healthy space for employees, they are most likely to improve their work performance.

If the employee finds the workspace unsuitable, they are bound to look for work in another place causing a high rate of employee turnover. Installing a dust collector can not only boost the quality of the workplace, but it also can satisfy the employee.

Saving Money

If you have dust accumulating in your facility, you can be fined by the law for not maintaining work environment standards. Employees who are exposed to dust can also file a lawsuit against you under the same condition. By incorporating a dust collection system to your facility, you can ensure that your organization is not losing money by these penalties.

Industrial Dust Collector

Installing the dust collection system in an industry requires thorough dust inspection and layout design. Most of the collectors are built away from the facility. A designed duct layout is incorporated into the system. Industry dust collectors require regular inspection and maintenance.

Dust Collector for Small Scale Use

A small scale dust collector is used to collect dust from a single piece of equipment. Small scale dust collectors are mostly portable. They can connect multiple pieces of equipment and collect dust through a hose.

Although many shop owners prefer to use a vacuum instead of a dust collector, vacuum can’t ensure the filter quality that a dust collector can.

In conclusion, as an industry owner or a manager, it is your duty to ensure the health and safety measures at your workplace are up to the standard. By running regular inspections and installing dust collection systems, you can ensure safety in the workplace.

A dust collector is essential for the swift operation of your facility. While installing a dust collection system to a large facility, you have to maintain the OSHA and EPA standards for air pressure and velocity. For a new industry, installing a dust collector can be an opportunity to improve the work environment and gain workers’ satisfaction.

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