What Are the Different Cuts of Pizza?

After waiting a little while for your freshly baked pizza to cool down, you begin slicing it. Eight even, triangle slices perfect for… 10 people? You definitely didn’t expect this many guests. Sure, you can remedy the situation by asking some of them if they don’t mind sharing or having uneven pizza cuts, but this can make you look like a bad host. Ordering more pizza should help fix things, but what about your limited budget?

If you once thought pizza slices weren’t that important, think of that situation. The shape and size of your pizza matters, especially if you’re having guests over. The same can be said even if it’s just the family, as it’s important for each member to get their fair share.

Today, we’ll explore the different pizza cuts as well as the various reasons to prefer one type of pizza slice over the rest. According to thekitchenwarriors.com, this should help take your pizza-dining experience to another level.

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The Different Pizza Cuts

Regardless if you’re heading out to your favorite pizzeria or making your own homemade version, there’s always a list of factors to consider. You factor in the type of pizza, style of crust, toppings, sauce, and slice or cut you want.

It sometimes takes a while to realize, but the way your pizza is sliced is almost as important as the rest of the elements. In restaurants, the method of cutting pizza usually depends on the type of pizza ordered.

For instance, a pie-shaped pizza will almost always be sliced into several triangular slices. Unless you otherwise specify, the establishment will always assume that this is how you want your circular pizza sliced. Alternatively, a large square- or rectangular-shaped pizza will likely be cut into multiple square pieces.

At home, there’s a bit more freedom in this regard, but things are usually done the same way. That’s because most people’s homemade pizza ventures are typically influenced by their dining-out experiences.

There’s a lot that getting the slice you want does for your overall pizza experience. Let’s go over the following pizza cuts so that you can request for the one you want when it suits you.

Different Cuts of Pizza

1 The “Classic” Slice

We all know this to be the triangle-cut, which we were perfectly content with having for the rest of our lives if we didn’t know other slices existed. One of the best things about this traditional cut is that it gives you decent-size, even slices. That way, if you’re each having one slice of pizza, there’s only a slight chance that one will get more than the other.

The “classic” triangle shape is arguably the best way to split a pie-shaped pizza evenly among friends. Another reason to prefer this type of cut is that it allows you to start eating from the pizza’s center and work your way out to its crust. There’s no doubt this is the most popular method for eating pizza that we’re all used to.

As for which toppings match this slicing method best, evidence suggests minimal toppings. If you’re looking to go overboard in the toppings department, it is highly suggested that you go for another type of cut.

2 Square-Cut

As we touched on a bit earlier, square-cuts are usually meant for pizzas on the larger side. While the traditional triangle slice leads to slight variations in size, the square-cut divides sizes more evenly. The only exceptions to these are the corners of the pizza, which may take more triangular shapes. The rest of the pieces should showcase the standard square.

A pizza that’s cut into even squares holds several benefits. For one, it’s easier to split among a large crowd. Several people also get to have more than one slice because it’ll result in more pieces.

If toppings are your favorite part about eating pizza, you’ll want to go for the square slice. Too many toppings on a triangular slice can weigh the narrower portion of the slice down. This won’t be the case with a square pizza, which lets toppings spread out evenly. So, yes, you don’t have to worry as much about your favorite meat lover’s toppings falling off.

3 Strips

Alternatively, you can cut your pizza into more manageable strips. This should allow you to create slices that are great for dipping into all kinds of sauces.

With a square pizza, there’s a chance you won’t be able to fit the pizza into the dipping cup. On the other hand, the traditional triangle-cut might only allow for the tip of the pizza to fit. The midsection and crust will need to be torn into smaller bits to enter the dipping container.

Pizza cut into strips makes for great dinner appetizers. Instead of having to make appetizers from scratch, you can simply order pizza and request that it be sliced into smaller strips.

Different Cuts of Pizza

Why Go for the Square-Cut?

We’re all so used to the “classic” triangular cut for pizzas. However, in reality, the square-cut actually makes a lot more sense. Here are some of the reasons why:

    • Slices are divided more equally
    • Easier to split among a large group of people
    • Sample different pizza flavors more easily
    • Everything gets eaten, including the crust
    • Slices are more manageable
    • Doesn’t get weighed down by toppings

Despite the unfamiliarity of the “square-cut” concept, you shouldn’t automatically deem it unacceptable. In fact, there is so much about it that could make even the most devoted “classic” cut loyalist question his or her allegiance.

You may be used to the traditional triangle slice, but it won’t hurt to try something new for a change, especially if this “new” something could potentially lead to a better experience.

The Pizza Slice That Works for You

There’s no stopping you from going for the type of pizza slice that fits your current mood, especially if you’re going homemade with your venture. Restaurants might not always grant you your slice of choice, but you can always remedy that by choosing to make your own pizza at home. That’s even better, considering you have all the freedom to experiment on toppings, crust style, slice type, and other elements that factor into your pizza-dining experience.

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