Things to Consider when Involving Your Pet at Your Wedding

People who are wanting to involve their pets at their weddings are becoming more and more common, which is great. But if you are an animal lover you know that no matter how well behaved your pet is, they can be unpredictable which is something that you don’t want on your big day. So here are some planning things to consider when you are involving your pet in your wedding.

pet at your wedding

Confirm With Your Venue That It Is Ok

First and foremost you will need to ask if it is ok for animals to be at the venue. Nobody wants to show up at their wedding and be told that your pet can’t come in. Make sure that you organize the venue so they always have a place to drink water and a way they step outside if they become too overwhelmed. Take them to the venue a couple of times so they can get to know it before the wedding.

Consider Your Pets Personality

When you are thinking about what role your pet will have at your wedding you have to consider their personality. You might want to have your pet be a ring bearer but what if they aren’t comfortable in big crowds or anything of that sort? You don’t want to set them up for a traumatic experience. Make sure that they are comfortable and not even slightest overwhelmed.

Let Your Guests Know That Your Pet Will Be There In Advance

It is always better telling your guests early that your pet will be part of your wedding. Put that on the invite so your guests are warned if they have allergies they take precautions or if they simply don’t like animals.



Put Safety over Style

Yes, we know that there is nothing cuter than having your pets wear bow ties and tuxedos, but consider how safe it is for them to wear it for a long time. Keep their accessories simple to avoid any accidents. Make sure that if you are having cats that they have cat tags with your information on it in case they wander off. Another thing you need to look out for is to see if any flowers are toxic to them just in case they decide to nibble on them.

your pet at your wedding

Always Book a Pet Sitter

While you want your pet to be next to you during your special day, it is important that you have someone who can take them out of the venue for a walk or take them home if they become overwhelmed. That way you won’t have to worry about feeding them or if they have water to drink while you are saying your vows.

Start the Special Day with a Good Walk

The most important thing that you need to do before going to the ceremony is to take them out for a good long walk. That is how you will get their endorphins flowing and they will be nice and calm during your ceremony. It is a nice way to bond with your pet before opening up a new chapter in your lives.

When you are planning to have your pet at your wedding you must think about their temperament while considering the guests and the venue. There are so many magical ways that you can involve your four-legged friend into this special day, but you have to be careful with it. Be creative, love what you have and have fun with your pet on your special day. There is nothing more heartwarming than having all parts of your family be there when you open a new chapter of life.

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