Things Every Bride Must Avoid When Choosing Bridal Shoes

Australia is not just one of the best places to visit at least once in your lifetime. Apart from its bustling metropolis and growing business here and there, Australia is also home to the most beautiful coastlines imaginable. With its stunning views and fascinating sceneries, this place makes it a top wedding destination.

In preparing a wedding, apart from choosing the best location where you can hold the ceremony, picking your bridal shoes is very important. Selecting the best pair goes beyond mixing and matching them to your wedding dress. To help you with the whole process, below are some of the common but avoidable mistakes a bride must be aware of.

Choosing Bridal Shoes

Avoid Uncomfortable Bridal Shoes

While this will be your most beautiful day on earth, your big day is anything but a whole day of leisure. Most of the time, you will be on your feet, entertaining guests, exchanging congratulatory hugs, going from one table to the next. One common mistake you should avoid when you buy bridal shoes is going for a pair that you know will be uncomfortable.

Look for a pair that you can endure for a full day of standing, walking, and dancing with your new spouse. If you’re one of the more laid-back brides who prefer not going for high heels, you can find flats that are simple but still elegant for the occasion. Remember, a happy foot equals a happy bride.

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Never forget to break in your wedding shoes. Like any other pair in your shoe collection, your bridal shoes should be tried on before your big day. However, the thought of getting even a tiny spot to your most pristine, white satin pair sounds like your greatest nightmare. Yet, you don’t want to regret having them secured in the box until the moment you’re standing at the altar.

Trying the pair doesn’t mean wearing them on every outing day leading to your wedding day. Slip them on occasionally. To break in your wedding shoes without the potential risk of damages, wear them at your office or in the house.

Choosing Bridal Shoes

Never Forget to Bring an Extra Pair

Wearing very high heels the whole time on your wedding will never work out for anyone. Walking around barefoot may not be a good option, not unless you’re having a beachfront wedding. It helps to have another pair of shoes handy, so you can switch when the need calls for it. Ballet flats are good choices.

Choosing Bridal Shoes

Avoid a Pair that Doesn’t Match Your Dress

If you think wearing bridal shoes that do not match your wedding gown doesn’t matter, especially if you are wearing a floor-length gown, think again. Every bride strives for perfection on her wedding day. A cohesive look is very critical. Ideally, shop your footwear first before your wedding dress. Your shoes will determine how tall you will be on your big day. Thus, if you think of rocking a six-inch pair of wedding shoes, you need to ascertain that your gown will still reach the floor. If you go barefoot, make sure that your feet will be covered as well.

These are just some of the prevalent wedding preparations mistakes every bride must know. While these sound simple and not that big of a deal, it still pays to know what to avoid when buying your bridal shoes so you won’t end up ruining your big day just because you did not choose the right pair.

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