The Italian Experience: a Wedding Video Is a Time Machine

Destination wedding in Italy have become a classic yet always fresh choice for couples from all around the world. History, art and myth collide in this extraordinary country, where the atmosphere is unique and is irremediably intertwined with its culture of love. If you look closely, these elements are everywhere: in our traditions, in our food, in our language and in the way we treat our guests.

Wedding Video Is a Time Machine Studio D Essai

Yes, because Italy is much more than words alone can describe. It is not only a magical place, a sanctuary where all things glitter in the sun, no. It is also a state of mind, and ideal of happiness that is worth experiencing over and over again.

At this point you are probably wondering “How can I take the memories I made with my loved ones back home with me?”, and the answer to that question is quite simple, and you only need two things: the best Italian wedding videographers and the will to be amazed. The team of filmmakers of Studio D’Essai are a passionate bunch whose main aim is give you the chance to relive those memories that made you laugh and cry, that moved you and made you feel like you hold the world in the palm of your hand.

Love is the most powerful emotion of all, and to have someone tell your story in such an honest and engaging way is a precious gift. To lose yourself in your first kiss once again, to see your first dance once again after months or years will feel just as emotional as the first time.

Wedding Video Is a Time Machine Studio D Essai

The best wedding videos show your love in the most authentic and spontaneous way, without any external influence or manipulation. It is of the utmost importance to be able to capture the essence of such moments, to harness the unrepeatable atmosphere that makes your big day truly special.

Every aspect is crucial in this delicate process, from the right angles to the background and from the natural lighting to the post-production, because the wedding video of your destination wedding is way more than the sum of its parts.

It is an irreplaceable token of your affection for each other.

Studio D Essai in Italy

A wedding video is a time machine that allows you to travel through space and time. This is yet another good reason for planning your destination wedding in Italy (not that you really needed it), so, as they say in that famous song, trade your typical and treat yourself to something colorful. More and more couples in love everyday decide to opt for this modern and interesting way to immortalise their special moments.

Be it a wedding day, an elopement, engagement or proposal, they mark the first step in your new life together, and to have them captured with a wedding video that has all the aesthetic of a movie for the silver screen and the narrative poetry of a documentary.

Studio D Essai Italy

You will be transported all the way back to the Italian peninsula even after years, and you will be allowed to explore incredible and vivid details from a new perspective, bask in the sunlight of those sweet sweet memories. For example you’ll notice new and exciting point of views of the frescoes in the small and intimate church on the Tuscan hills where you had your religious wedding, the lush gardens of the Neapolitan castle where you tied the knot or the sparks of joy in your lover’s eyes when they finally said “I do” in front of all the people you love, maybe surrounded by the majestic Alps on the shores of Lake Como.

This is the Italian experience that we want you to live! A destination wedding in the realm of love, where the vivid scenery will become the stage where your dreams become reality.

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