Low Profile Engagement Rings

Not every woman falls for a giant diamond on her ring finger; they’re the fiancées who lead modest and active lifestyles. Low profile engagement rings make the better choice for women in this category.

With low profile engagement rings, active women won’t have to worry about catching on things or struggling with gloves if their nature of work demands it. Since couples typically wear engagement rings forever, it is essential to pick the ones you’ll be most comfortable with in your daily routine.

Below are low profile engagement rings featuring comfortable settings and features, especially for modest and active workers.

1 Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel

You will find numerous options for low profile engagement rings at Diamonds-USA, but the lowest option for simple brides are those with a bezel ring band. In this ring choice, the diamond cullet touches the metal band, which wraps around the stone’s girdle.

Bezel rings also firmly hold the diamond in place forever because they do not allow the option of replacing the stone later. Bezel engagement rings are supremely comfortable and secure, making them a considerable choice for low-profile preferences.

low profile engagement rings

Pear shaped bezel low setting ring

2 Cathedral Engagement Rings

Another great option in the low profile engagement rings category is cathedral rings. These engagement rings typically feature a central stone with two metal arches flanking each side. Since the diamond lays flush to the base of the ring band, it creates a more high-drama setting.

We can describe cathedral rings as those with basket-type detailing underneath the metal arch. This detailing creates a romantic trellis detailing, but makes the diamond sit high in a very secure fashion. Cathedral settings make incredible low profile engagement rings for nurses, doctors, artists, chefs, and other active ladies.

low profile engagement rings

Cathedral low profile engagement rings, image: Diamonds-USA

3 Smaller Gemstones

When considering low profile engagement rings, you would do great to look for smaller gemstones with higher quality. These will sit low and be more secure on your finger, so you don’t have to worry when working with your hands.

Take the example of a princess cut or bigger round diamonds. They sit wide on the finger, as well as taller and deeper. For the truly low-profile engagement rings like those at Diamonds-USA.com, it would be best to avoid opting for big diamonds in the center.

4 Sleek Styles

Solitaire rings in cathedral settings are popular among those who prefer low profile engagement rings, but with structural longevity and soundness. These rings provide both structure robustness and unique details without the added fuss their lifestyles won’t be able to handle.

You may be looking for low-profile diamond rings with minimalism, function, and fashion in mind. But there is a range of rings of all designs, profiles, and sizes available in the markets. It might get tricky to determine which ones are sturdier for your active lifestyle, so you should choose carefully.

It would be great to discuss at length with the jeweler to determine if your choice of a ring would protect its overall setting from snapping or banging against elements. Also, discuss how well it will stand to wear and tear for years before you make the final choice.

low profile engagement rings

Sleek and elegant low profile ring, image: Diamonds-USA

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