How to Make a Wedding Slideshow to Relieve This Magical Day

What is a wedding if not an event that you plan for months but watch go by in a flash? Well, that’s the sad truth about the happiest day of your lives – it wraps up too darn fast. That is what makes your wedding photos such precious keepsakes. They remind you of how happy you were and how beautiful everything and everyone looked. That is why it would be a crime just to let your wedding pictures gather either physical or virtual dust inside photo albums or your PC’s hard drive.

So how can you use your wedding images to make your memories of the ceremony last longer? While there are endless options, one of the more visually pleasing ones is making a wedding slideshow. Just imagine – your gorgeous wedding pics turned into a tantalizing movie set to a romantic tune. Now that’s a recipe for a real tear-jerker. Want to know how to make a wedding slideshow? Well, you are in luck, because we have a few tips for you on how to make an amazing wedding video. Shall we?

How to Make a Wedding Slideshow to Relieve This Magical Day
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1 Think of the Story to Tell

Before you start actually creating your wedding video, you need to think of the story you want to tell. Would you be only showing the pictures from the ceremony itself? Or would you rather tell your love story from the first date on? Or do you want to chronicle both of your lives from the cradle to the day you tied the knot? The approach you choose will determine all other aspects of your wedding slideshow.

2 Set the Perfect Running Time

Since you won’t be making a wedding video just for the two of you, you need to consider your audience attention span. Don’t make your video too drawn out – like 10 minutes or more – because you will bore your viewers to no end. On the other hand, do not aim to make your slideshow too brief – under three minutes, because the audience will be left underwhelmed. Make your video run for two average-length songs – this is as close to a perfect running time as you can get.

3 Cull Your Images Wisely

Take your time to cull your images. While you can definitely only limit your video to showing only the happy couple, you can also include photos of your parents, bridesmaids, other guests and even the band – after all they were part of your big day, too. If you choose to only showcase your and your spouse’s pics, consider whether you want to go the conventional route and only use flawlessly beautiful images, or you would rather show the funny side of your family and make a video composed of goofy images.

How to Make a Wedding Slideshow to Relieve This Magical Day
Source: Pinterest

4 Go Crazy with the Soundtrack

This is where you are free to do whatever you please. If you prefer the conventional way, go with a romantic ballad or a tranquil instrumental piece. If you want to relive the fun of your ceremony, choose an upbeat tune that’s hot on the radio. However, try to steer away from any controversial choices – both music-wise and lyrics-wise. After all, keep in mind that you are creating a wedding video not just for yourselves but also a whole bunch of other people to enjoy.

5 Don’t Overdo on Decoration

While making your video, you might be tempted to use just about every effect and animation you can lay your hands on. Well, don’t. A good idea is to keep decorations and animation effects as subtle as possible. After all, you want people to look at your pictures, not gape at flaming hearts or floating doves. The animations you choose should be graceful and serene.

How to Make a Wedding Slideshow to Relieve This Magical Day
Source: Pinterest

6 Pick the Perfect Software

If you skip this step and go with the usual PowerPoint, the rest of the tips will be good for nothing. The thing is that PowerPoint – while admittedly a great program for making presentations – has very little to offer you in terms of artistic outlet. But worry not – we might have an idea what software to use.

First off, is SmartSHOW 3D. This easy-to-use slideshow maker is filled to the brim with templates, animations, and effects. So you might be wondering how to make a wedding slideshow in SmartSHOW 3D. First of all, you need to pick a template for your wedding video. Luckily, SmartSHOW 3D offers over 200 options. Next, add your pictures to the template and pick an accompanying tune. This could be a track of your own or a track from the software’s massive library. You can also spice up your slideshow with 400+ effects and transitions. Finally, you need to export your video in a format you like and you’re done.

Another option for you is to go with a product from the Adobe family. Let’s find out how to make a wedding slideshow in Adobe Spark. For starters, you need to pick the template you like – this online service offers quite a few, although none of them are themed. Then,  you add your pictures to the template, pick a tune from your own collection, then save your video or share it right away. And voila!

Well, now you know how to create a wedding slideshow that would help you relieve those sweet moments. So go ahead and turn your wedding images into a lovely video that would keep the memories of your happiest day as fresh as the flowers in your bouquet.

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