Bridesmaid Dresses With The Most Stylish Options: You Should Try

Summer is great for showing your fashion statement. You get numerous options to pick from the right summer dress for going to the office or chilling out with your friends. However, in the case of marriage; it is totally a different story altogether. Selecting the right dress for your dream marriage can be tough and it becomes really difficult when you plan to get married in summer. Even if you are done with finalizing the right gown for yourself, finding the right bridesmaid’s summer dress is also very important. It makes sure that while accompanying you to the aisle, your ladies feel confident, looks fashionable and flattering too! It is very essential to follow the trends in order to stay trendy and fashionable and summer is the best time to show off your dresses and dressing style and look more gorgeous especially for new brides.

Most Stylish Options of Bridesmaid Dresses wedding trends sheeba magazine

Following are some of the summer dress trends that will make your bridesmaids happy and give the long awaited event a picturesque look:

Style Trends for Bridesmaids’ Gown

If you’re looking to give your bridesmaids some killer bridal party style trends, then you’ve come to the right place. Knee length are the days of identical matching bridesmaid dresses. The ideal style in selecting a bridesmaid gown is all about going with miscellaneous styles! For keeping your bridesmaids confident and making sure that they look their best, you may select colors and fabric for your bridesmaids’ dresses, and let each of them select individual styles which best suits their physique and personality. Infinity dresses or Knee Length Wrap Convertible Dresses are always a delight to eye here and your bridesmaids will love it for sure. The main idea here is making specific rules, like the dresses’ length, but gives your bridesmaid option in choosing the neckline, the waist and most importantly, the style of the dress. Letting them choose their best fit dress and style in sync with your preferred colors will eventually make your long-dreamt event look perfect as every bride wishes.

most stylist bridesmaid summer dresses

Top Bridesmaid Dress Colors

Let’s talk about the top bridesmaid dresses color. Choosing your bridesmaid dress colors is one of the most important tasks on your wedding to-do list. If you want all of your bridesmaids to wear the same dress, you need to know about the bridesmaid color trends. Nowadays, summer marriage seasons experience a shift for dazzling colors like cobalt blue, hot pink, Kelly green or canary yellow but violet still steals the show and is apt for such events. Adventurous brides are inclined towards a different +color palette for their wedding scheme and have one bridesmaid in each color, with combined accessories. Brides who do not like experiments, prefer deep colors like burgundy, chocolate brown, dark grey and navy are also in fashion.

Shovava dresses most stylist bridesmaid summer dresses

Trends in Bridesmaid Dress Pattern

Choosing dresses that are fashionable as well as flattering will make sure your bridesmaids are confident and smiling as they accompany you down the aisle. Although the majority of bridesmaid dresses are still monochrome, a trend is creeping in for bold patterned gowns. Most of the bridesmaid summer dresses are monochrome in nature; a fashion is coming up for bold decorative gowns. Stripes, Polka dots, geometric designs and floral prints have already made their mark on modernistic bridesmaid dresses.  The Infinity Dress has also made its way much earlier as the main bridesmaid summer dress. Knee length is loved by the most, this dress is also termed as a Convertible dress being a one-piece dress which can be worn in numerous ways for various events as endless probabilities!

No worries! Shovava, an exclusive and innovative Australian fashion brand has the perfect summer dresses for you as well as your bridesmaids. Its collections come with a blend of hand painted artworks and made up of high end recycled resources and processes. Shovava can surely give the marriage event a picture perfect look and feel with its handpicked summer dress for you and your besties.

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