Your Best-Ever Guide to Some Unique Party Themes and Ideas for 2022

Since we’ve all lived in a cave this past year, it’s no wonder a lot of us are raring to go somewhere. We can now gather and spend time with others in a relaxed setting, and parties and events are all the rage once again. If you are planning one for 2022 and would like nothing more than to make it as memorable as can be, you can’t go wrong with having a party theme. The incredible part is, themes can come in many forms – and there are some that you may not even have thought about, like Bad Boys Australia, that can give your event that fabulous ‘wow’ factor. But what themes can you choose from for your event? Here’s your best-ever guide to some unique party themes and ideas for 2022.

party ideas for 2022
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1 A Mardi Gras party

We’ve all missed a lot of celebrations in the last two years, and Mardi Gras is one of them! If you want a good reason to celebrate, hosting a Mardi Gras affair may be just the thing – and if you’d like something closer to home, you can always host a Notting Hill festival instead. Your event could be even more amazing with elaborate décor, including butterflies and beads, masks, feathers, and a purple, green, and yellow colour palette. It’s an altogether vibrant theme that should amaze your attendees, and you can make it even more mind-blowing with carnival rides like a carousel, dodgem cars, a big Ferris wheel, or helter-skelter, which you can all get from an excellent funfair hire provider.

2 An “Under the Sea” event

Whichever name you’d like to call it – whether it’s an “Under the Sea” or “The Lost World of Atlantis” party – you’d no doubt make your guests ooh and ahh with delight. Set up a mermaid-inspired bar, and decorate your venue to look like an underwater cave complete with seaweed and corals where your guests can go through. Blue-toned lights can set the mood for your underwater event, and decorate the ceiling with colourful fish from the tropics. For centrepieces, use coral or blue and green balloon décor as well.

3 A 70’s disco theme

70’s disco themes are reminiscent of that classic film, Saturday Night Fever – and you can set the mood at your event with iconic music from the 70s, disco balls, and lots of glitter. Light up your dance floor and add a few glam drapes, and don’t forget brilliant lit-up letters and props. To make it an even more awesome night, ask your attendees to dress up in their most flamboyant 70’s look – with bell-bottom trousers, platform shoes, big wigs, and glittery chains.

4 An African safari party

It may also be the best time to plan your very own African safari event, where you can take your guests on a full-on African adventure. Some great ideas for décor include animal print tablecloths, shields and drums, and a lot of lush and exotic flora and fauna. You can even set up beautiful floral centrepieces for your tables using exotic flowers, and make sure to ask your guests to dress up in animal prints or, better yet, as safari adventurers and guides. You can also go all out with walkers on stilts wearing animal costumes, and add in an acrobatic performance to get the night off to a brilliant start.

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