What Is The Cluster Feature In Online Slots?

One feature that players may have noticed is starting to pop up more and more is the cluster feature. This is being used in many Megaways slots, although it is confusing players. It is actually very simple to understand.  

cluster feature

What is it

With so many exciting slot features out there, it truly takes something special to stand out. This is exactly what the cluster feature has managed to do.

This unique feature completely revolutionises the way that paylines work in a slot game, with wins no longer taking place in the traditional horizontal or diagonal directions, find out more about the slot site before place betting on the site. Instead, players using a cluster feature will be able to win in clusters, making the experience more unexpected and exciting. Players will be able to win in unique ways, adding a new element to the game. Every game that uses this feature is a little bit different, meaning that players may be able to win big in a variety of ways. Although the cluster feature may sound complicated, it actually works very simply.

How does it work

Slot developers are always releasing new features to keep players entertained and drawn in new ones. A feature that managed to become incredibly popular with players despite being new was the cluster pays feature. Although it may initially sound complicated, it actually works very simply.

    • Essentially, these cluster features will not appear as symbols on the reel. Instead, they will feature on top of symbols on the reel when the player hits spin. If the player manages to get a few of these symbols close together, they will receive a win!
    • Each slot will have slightly different rules when it comes to this feature. The clusters themselves will all be different values and the number of clusters required before a game pays out is also different. Usually the minimum will be four but it is always worth checking the slots rules first just to make sure.
    • In some cases, when you land on a cluster win, many of the symbols on the reel will be changed. This ensures a new and exciting experience for players everytime they spin the reels using a cluster feature.

Cluster feature games

The unpredictability of these slot games has led to their amazing popularity. The following are some of the best games to feature clusters.

    1. Aloha! Cluster Pays – This slot is a hawaiian themed game with all the iconography that players should expect, there are also amazing bonuses such as free spins and wilds, alongside clusters.
    2.  The Legend of Shangri-La – Developed by NetEnt, this spiritual slot features amazing bonuses such as respins and wilds as well as a wonderful design that will help keep every player entertained.
    3. Emoji Planet – Also developed by NetEnt, this slot uses emojis as its main theme and has an avalanche feature to accompany the cluster pays. There are also exciting free spins and wilds available in this slot.

Final Thoughts

The cluster feature is an increasingly popular aspect of online slot games, it can help players get much bigger wins.

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