Ways to Save Money and Enjoy Family Time While Visiting Sidney

Traveling is always fun and exciting, especially if you are visiting a new country or city for the first time. Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations for the whole world. But it can be a very pricey project, especially the air travel price, so it’s understandable that you would wish to stay for a longer time. There is a way to afford a longer stay in Australia and in its very popular city, Sidney. Read on to find out ways and activities you can do, that won’t break the bank and still be very fun.

Taronga Zoo

traveling to Ausralia and Sidney

Taronga Zoo is a very popular attraction for kids. There are many features of this too, like Asiatic elephants, animal talks and shows. This is an amazing destination for families, and it’s one of the best things to see in Sidney. A sky safari can take you from the bottom of the hill to the top.

traveling to Ausralia and Sidney

Luna Park Amusement Park

Sydney’s Luna Park is north of the Harbour Bridge, and it’s a city landmark. If your family and kids love rides and thrills, this is a must-visit attraction. There are rides for preschoolers to adults, so everyone can enjoy. There are merry go rounds, dodgem cars, and other rides.

Royal Botanic Garden

traveling to Ausralia

If you and your family enjoy walks and exploring, the Royal Botanic Garden is for you. There is a great number of different and interesting flora and the Calyx building that offers exhibitions and shows. The garden has several places for a meal or drink. There are numerous activities for children, and also a pool where you can cool off.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

You can’t visit Sydney without a visit to its huge aquarium. It’s an amazing place with a perspex tunnel that kids will love, where they can see sharks and rays swimming over their heads. There are different areas in the aquarium, like South Coast Shipwreck, Dugong Island, Sydney Harbour, Shark Walk and Valley, Penguin Expedition and Great Barrier Reef. You can see so many species of fish and other sea life and would want to stay there for the whole day.

Travel and Trip Planning

One of the biggest expenses is the trip to Australia. You should prepare by hunting for bargains, and time your visit. The tickets tend to be lower in the spring or fall season. They are the most expensive between December and February when it’s summer in Australia. Australia is a very big continent, so try to focus your travels in only one area. You can hire a local Australia luxury travel agency to handle all the logistics if it is going to stress you out as well.


There are many ways you can save money on lodging in Australia and Sydney and still retain comfort. Depending on the part of Sidney you are staying in you should narrow down your search. If you want to stay in the inner-city part, a good idea would be to explore short term rental inner Sydney accommodations. They are convenient, affordable and offer a feeling of hominess. Other options include hostels that are cheap and comfortable, camping or home-swapping.

traveling to Ausralia and Sidney

Money Management

Try to prepay for your accommodation, airfare and any tours, preferably in your currency. You can use your credit cards in shops and restaurants but beware of bank fees. Consider purchasing a discount card for popular destinations. They include free entry to many attractions, offers, and discounts.

Traveling to Australia and Sydney doesn’t have to break your bank, and it can be an amazing experience for your family. If you prepare enough and plan your expenses in advance, you will have great family time without worrying. Plan in advance and have fun in Sidney!

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