Type Of Bet Played on Gambling Sites

You’ve come to the right site to learn about various sports bets. WeGamble created this article to assist sports bettors of all experience levels in learning whatever they require to know about the topic. After reading this article on the various bet kinds, you’ll clearly understand your gambling options and how they function.

In this page created by WeGamble.org, we will explain all the popular sports gambling categories.

Popular sports Bets

Type Of Bet Played on Gambling Sites

Moneyline Bet

Moneyline and win bets can be combined. They both signify the same thing, even though they are phrased differently. However, depending on where you live, it may go by a different name. Most people in the US refer to this kind of play as a Moneyline wager. A win bet is a term used to describe the same type of wager everywhere in the world.

Whatever name you give it, this form of wager is the most fundamental. When you make this bet, you’ll decide who you believe will prevail in the contest or match.

Imagine placing a wager on a forthcoming NBA match between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat, and you need to choose which club you believe will prevail. If you think Miami will win, you’ll put in a winning wager. If Miami goes on to win the game, your bet will be successful.

Over/Under and Total Bet

There are two alternate names for this kind of wager as well. The term “total” is more frequently used in the United States, whereas “over/under” is more frequently used elsewhere. Again, both terms relate to the same kind of sports wager regardless of the names.

Another extremely straightforward bet that is perfect for novices to employ in combination with win bets is the totals market. When a total wager is made, the sportsbook will give a specified total for a sporting event. However, this sum often changes based on the number of points obtained throughout the competition. Before making this type of wager, you must determine if you think the total will be more or lower than the value supplied by the sportsbook.

Let’s examine a case in point. Returning to the Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls matchup, a bookmaker can set the totals line at 199 points. You will wager on the over if the aggregate total of points scored by the two teams exceeds 199. In contrast, you would bet on the underdog if you thought the teams’ aggregate score would be less than that. Your total wager will be successful if you make the right choice.

Handicap And Point Spread Bets

A point spread wager is another form you may make on several sporting events. In the US, bets of this kind are placed often. A similar type of wager is also popular in several regions of Europe and other areas. This kind of wager is known as handicap gambling  in specific locations.

The fundamental idea behind both of these wager kinds is the same. A bookmaker first chooses the team they think will win. The side they predict will win the game will then be given a total number of points. You must determine if the sportsbook’s prognosis is exaggerated or understated.

To help you visualize this, For the upcoming matchup between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls, a bookmaker has established a point spread of 5 points in favor of the Miami Heat. The oddsmaker predicts Miami will win by that many points, in other words. You must choose whether you believe the bookmaker is low or high if you place a point spread wager on this game.

Specials And Prop Bets

Consider making a proposition bet if you’re seeking something different from a typical sports wager. These bets sometimes referred to as specials or prop bets, can be placed on almost anything.

You can, for instance, wager on which club or individual will score the game’s opening goal. Other prop bets include the start time of a football match’s first goal or which team member will score the game’s first run, and these are just a few instances of the numerous prop bets available. With this type of gamble, you may wager on a wide range of different items.

Accumulators And Parlays

Things become trickier when it comes to parlays and accumulators. Because of this, novices should refrain from employing these kinds of sports gambling  wagers. You will choose several choices as part of one wager while placing these kinds of stakes.

For instance, you can put an accumulator bet on the winner of six distinct races if you wager on horse racing. Your predictions for all six races must be correct to win this wager. You will lose the bet and cash if even one of your predictions is wrong.

These bets are highly dangerous because of the picks included in parlays and accumulators. However, this implies that while you might make large payments, you would be less likely to guess them correctly. Because of this, we advise employing these bet types only for modest stakes.

Permutation Bet

Permutation gambling completes our presentation of common bet kinds. One of the trickiest forms of sports gambling to comprehend is this one. By combining the options, you will make many picks and put several wagers using this wager type. Due to the difficulty of these wagers, beginners should avoid using this form of a bet.


Now that you know the numerous bet kinds and how they relate to each sport, the best decision you can make is based on what suits you the most. If you can predict player performance more accurately than team performance, decide which sports are best for player props.

If you’re as interested in team performance as most bettors are, you should decide if spread or Moneyline bets are the better options for your preferred sport. gambling on totals is preferable to Moneylines and spreads if you are better at gauging a game’s tempo.

Focusing on a few areas and identifying gambling opportunities on sportsbooks will give you the greatest edge as a gambler.

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