Tips for Long-Term International Travel

While traveling within the United States is fun, there’s nothing quite like stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing what the rest of the world has to offer. Long-term international travel boasts a lot of advantages. Whether it’s picking up a new language or exploring different hobbies that aren’t typically available nearby, you’re guaranteed to create meaningful experiences along the way.

Sure, it can be overwhelming to stay in a place that feels unfamiliar. But it’s less daunting when you show up prepared. Below, you’ll find some of the best tips for long-term international travel that are also friendly on your bank account. Here’s how you can enhance your travel experiences, learn more about yourself, and improve your skills as an international nomad!

Pick destinations based on what you want to do

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Are you into surfing or skiing? Do you plan on climbing mountains or chilling on the beach all day? When it comes to long-term international travel, you should consider all of the activities you want to do first. This can help you narrow down some of your ideal destinations. For example, Lagos is a great destination in Nigeria as one of its largest cities. In fact, Lagos is known for having great beach resorts and a bustling nightlife scene. If these are activities you enjoy, then it could easily be one of your ideal places to visit. The best part about traveling long-term is that you can explore more cities because there are fewer time constraints.

Compare the different modes of transportation available

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Sometimes, people forget that flying to a new country is just one small part of a trip. How do you expect to get around once you land? Is your hotel within walking distance of any attractions? You could rely on public transportation the entire time you’re there, or you could buy yourself a car. If you plan on staying in Lagos, for example, you could easily find new cars for sale in Nigeria. You can even visit dealerships or check Auto Auction Mall for great deals on a used car. Buying a car can be cost-effective if you’re staying in one place for a long period of time. Overall, the best methods of transportation all depend on what you’re planning to do while you’re there.

Look for accommodations that fit your budget

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Traveling long-term requires a budget, so it’s important to do in-depth research. Are you looking to stay in a 5-star hotel or a hostel? When it comes to lodging, it’s also best to be specific on search engines. Let’s say that you’re traveling to Bangkok, which is known for having great accommodations and food options. But if you’re sticking to a budget, you should be searching for terms such as, “cheap Bangkok hotels.” This ensures that you get affordable accommodations while staying in Thailand. Whether you’re looking for free Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, or a jacuzzi, you’ll find that there are a variety of Bangkok hotels that come with great amenities. If you’ve got a little more to spend, there are plenty of options for luxury hotels, too. It’s easy to find lodging that suits your needs!

Keep your luggage to a minimum and pack for different climates

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Because long-term international travel can span from several months to several years, packing efficiently is a crucial part of the process. While you might be tempted to pack light, you also have to think about different climates. Do you plan on keeping it tropical or will you ever visit someplace that snows? Consider your next step in order to prepare appropriately.

Traveling long-term expands your worldview, and you gain a lot of useful skills when you’re gone for longer periods of time. International travel is something everyone should experience, and you’ll surely never regret it!

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