The Top Excellent Facilities To Be Found At The Top Hotels

If you have not stayed in a hotel in quite some time then you’re in for a very pleasant surprise because these accommodation options have improved dramatically over the last 10 years. Hotels now understand their customer demographic better and because of that, they are offering exceptional service and exceptional facilities like never before. Like everything in life, it depends on the quality that you are looking for and if you take the time to check out the many different hotels that you can find dotted all around Thailand and particularly Phuket, you would see that there are so many to choose from and they all offer the best that there is.

top hotels in Phuket

Due to the fact that there are so many quality hotels to choose from, it can be difficult picking out the best from the rest and so the Novotel Phuket Vintage Park is the one that comes to the top of the pile. This is an accommodation choice that offers you every conceivable facility that you can ask for and even ones that you haven’t yet thought about but they have. If you want your next vacation to be a memorable one and one that you will be talking about with your family members for many years to come then the following are just some of the top facilities that you should be looking for and that you should be finding at the top hotels.

    • Lots of room choices – It is important that you are offered many accommodation choices when you are travelling because you could be an individual, a couple and even family group. It is essential then that you get offered superior and deluxe rooms as well as a family room.You can also get a room that offers you instant access to the swimming pool and this means it you wake up in the morning and can dive right into the water to cool off.
    • Wide range of restaurants & bars – The hope is that you can stay within the grounds of your hotel because many people do not want to venture outside unless they have to. This is supposed to be at time of relaxation and so having the option of drinking and eating in a number of bars on the premises is very ideal.
    • Kids club activities – It is a family holiday but mom and dad need some quality time to themselves once in a while and so you should be able to find a kids club at the top hotels that offer the children many activities to do throughout the day. This means that the children are not bored and mom and dad get to rekindle their relationship that has taken a few knocks as of recently.

You should always be looking out for special offers that these hotels give up from time to time because it can end up saving you an incredible amount of money and especially if you have a family to pay for. The main thing however is that you make smart choices when it comes to your accommodation.

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