Seven Best Family Holiday Destinations In The World To Visit In 2021

Traveling around the world with your loved ones is always a delight. However, there are numerous family holiday destinations, and picking one for a trip can turn into a nightmare. Different members of the family might pick different locations that satisfy their wanderlust. Some might love to go to museums and learn about the art and history of the place, while others might like to visit big cities and shop in urban centers worldwide.

The choice of your family holiday destination must curate the wanderlust of all your family members. To help you make the right decision, here is a list of seven best family holiday destinations that can help you and your family make a flawless travel experience.


Capital to one of the oldest living human civilizations in the world, Rome has a diverse cultural history and is home to one of the seven wonders of the world, the Colosseum. You can find beautiful water fountains in almost all parts of the city. Bigger ones such as the Trevi falls are worth a visit. The Pantheon, one of the oldest surviving structures, is a must when you visit Rome.

Tourists flock to Rome, especially during the summers to try and devour the local Italian cuisine. The city offers busy shopping areas and markets for the family to shop as well. A trip to the Vatican also satisfies the spiritual appeal that many behold.

Family Holiday Destinations

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The Maldives

The islands are a paradise throughout the year for families who want to escape the busy daily routine. From road trips in jeeps equipped with the flat roof racks to sea cruises, traveling with your family has never been better. The turquoise blue waters and the picturesque beaches are nothing but heaven for many. Many tourists flock to the Maldives and rent out a complete Island for themselves, enjoying their time. The capital Male is a cultural ecosystem by itself with diverse cuisines and modern heritage.

The adventure water sports are widespread here, and families can have a wonderful time at the Padi Diving school at Kuramathi Island to see the corals underwater. They can have a high end to their days with a beautiful sunset.

Family Holiday Destinations

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Once the capital of almost half of the world, London is a magnet for many tourists. A trip to the parliament building to see British architecture is a pleasure. Also, the complete renovation for Big Ben is scheduled to complete in 2021 and is a perfect time to visit the city.

It is also a child’s paradise, going to Sherlock’s residence at 221 Baker Street, or going to the Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. A trip to the London Eye, the giant Ferris wheel on the River Thames banks gives unforgettable views of the city. Families can also enjoy the everyday English breakfast like in their movies, to start their day.

Family Holiday Destinations

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The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the favorite family destinations for those who love to indulge in outdoor activities and camping. The best time for families to visit the Grand Canyon is from September to November when the temperatures are relatively lower. Families can try organizing multi-day hiking and camping plans across the high Canyon, which stretches 277 miles wide.

Families can also try to learn group rafting along the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon also offers one of the best sunrise and sunset vantage points in the world. Tourists can take helicopter tours above the Canyon and enjoy the spectacular landscape.

Family Holiday Destinations

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The prime of the Middle East, Dubai, is another utopia for families. Visiting Dubai, especially during the cooler months of November and December, is nothing more than a delight. Not just the stunning Burj Khalifa, but the Jumeirah Beach’s sandy shore is one of a kind experience that Dubai has to offer. Shopping at the great Dubai Mall, as well as indulging in the local cultural market place is a joy that many families love doing.

Indulging in the Bastakiya Quarter and the world-renowned Gold and Spice souks is something many tourists can do to explore the local culture and tradition of Dubai. Families can take up many other recreational activities during their visit, such as skiing in the Indoor Skiing theme park.

Family Holiday Destinations

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Cape Town

Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, is a blend of prosperous human coexistence with mother nature. Families love their stay in this city during March and April for its beautiful weather. On the foothills of the Tabletop Mountains, there are several vantage points trekking trails that people can pay a visit. Families can also take cable cars to these locations.

A visit to the city castle of Good hope is a must when you visit the city. Families can take tour packages that cover the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Two Oceans Aquarium, and the World of Birds Park, where they glimmer upon the country’s wildlife.

Destination Cape Town

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Lapland, in the Scandinavian country of Finland, is the home to Santa Claus. Tourists love the Christmas vibes that persist throughout the year. During the Christmas season, the entire area is decorated, and local fairs are organized, which attracts many families. Children enjoy the Reindeers and the Sami people and spend a memorable time in their hospitality.

Here, families can take up outdoor activities such as snow sports or riding a sleigh bike along with the crescent white snow. Nearby short treks to hill and mountain tops give a panoramic view of the arctic wildlife and landscape of the land with beautiful Auroras during the dusk.

destination Lapland

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The memories created in these trips are so unique, and families fonder these for years to come. All in all, these destinations make sure that these memories are made at the right place with the right people.

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