Reasons Why People Prefer Moving to a New City or State

According to data collected by various moving industries, more than 15 million households in America with an average size of two to three family members move annually. As humans, we are always searching for better living opportunities, whether in terms of safety, salaries, or stability. At the same time, some of us outgrow our current locations and want a refreshing change of scenery which prompts us to move out and start a new leaf in life.

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For some people, reasons as simple as the weather and warm climate encourage them to branch out and relocate. Such was the case in Phoenix, Arizona. Despite being notoriously known as the hot valley of America, according to the US Census Bureau, in 2020 and 2021, more than 13,000 residents moved here. However, it is worth exploring why people like yourself are inclined to move and what motivates this decision. Giving up your house and moving away from areas you’re familiar with to start from square one is not easy, yet numerous people choose to move. So why is that? Below are some reasons that may answer this burning question:

1 Pollution

In 2020, the American Lung Association (ALA) ranked Phoenix the nation’s most polluted city. This entails that the atmospheric condition of this city is far from ideal and may cause numerous respiratory diseases; hence it’s best to move out. Therefore, as much as you enjoy Phoenix’s warm weather, dealing with the lingering atmospheric pollution around you is not easy. However, the process of shifting is a challenge in itself.

Far too much money, resources, and expertise are required to make this transition flawless, but companies such as Coleman Worldwide Moving make the process easier. They provide reliable and experienced moving experts to ensure a safe, efficient, and successful move when it comes to Phoenix long distance movers in Arizona and the surrounding states. Additionally, if you’re operating on a budget, a moving company can help you stay on schedule and ensure you don’t overspend in your attempt to move out and start fresh.

All in all, if you’re in a rush to evacuate Phoenix and move out, consult a moving company and let them handle the entire process for you. No one likes living in an unclean and dusty environment. Heavy pollution harms your health, which can immensely affect your physical well-being.

2 Missing Loved Ones

Family and friends make life joyful. Moving away from them can emotionally weigh down on you. At the same time, when you’re unable to celebrate important milestones with them, it can give you a sense of missing out. And for this reason, it makes sense why you want to be close to them again. Making new friends and establishing new social bonds takes immense work.

Similarly, you may want to move closer to your partner. Long-distance relationships are complex to maintain. Factors like time zone differences, lack of shared experiences, and physical intimacy can strain your relationship with your partner, making some couples feel disconnected. Whether you want to return for nostalgia or because you want those bonds of familiarity again, shifting to be with your loved ones is a valid reason.

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3 Better Job Opportunities

A popular blog says roughly 40% of people move for better career opportunities. After all, no one wants to put in a nine-hour shift for minimal wages if they can access jobs with higher salaries. Even though the pandemic has mainstreamed working from home and online jobs, a vast population is still moving for better professions.

Along with improved employment prospects, it is also natural to want the perks of your high position. Suppose you move and work for a well-known company in a different state. In that case, you may expect access to additional insurance options, enjoy discounts provided by the company, and avoid high taxes on your earnings.

4 Crime Rate

Living in a city with a high crime rate can be terrifying. Criminals breed uncertainty and unpredictability in society. This can constantly keep you on edge and make it hard to focus on your livelihood since you’re too busy trying to survive. Even cities known for petty crimes like vandalism can be distressing. This is why if you live in a town known for its dangerous criminal activity, you will want to move out immediately.

Law and order keep any thriving society in shape, but anarchy ensues once you remove these rudimentary factors from the equation. At the end of the day, no one wants to go to bed constantly, worried that someone will break into their house and rob them.

5 Climate

The weather and climatic patterns of the area can play a significant role in deciding whether you want to stay here or not. Extreme temperature changes can test your endurance and make it hard to stay out. So if you’re unhappy with the weather, moving out to a place more suited to your needs is natural. States like Minnesota are known for their cold climate, rainfall, and heavy snow, while California is all about the sun and warmth towards the west coast. If you like shoveling snow and can tolerate extreme cold, stick to areas with longer winters than summers.

But if you’re all about getting a tan and enjoying the sun’s heat, move to warmer places. Some areas have constant rainfall and frequent humidity; if you’re okay with your hair getting frizzy and dealing with water droplets in the air, you’ll be happier in this region. Climate preferences are incredibly personal; it boils down to deciding what temperature you enjoy, what weather patterns you can put up with, and what seasonal changes you don’t want to experience.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants the best for themselves. Whether it’s the most prestigious job, a high-ranking job, or a chance to build a beautiful home, we are all striving for greatness. This is why when it comes to picking a state or city to spend the rest of your life can be tricky. Pollution levels, distance from loved ones, crime rates, and job opportunities influence your decision.

So unless you’re happy with your choice, you’ll find settling into your new home hard. Hence, try answering complex questions like what kind of climate you enjoy, how comfortable you are with a city with a small population, and what state comes under your budget. Moving and beginning afresh will be no problem when you can answer these questions.

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