Planning A Hiking Holiday In Canada: The Ultimate Guide To Prepare

Canada is one of the most visually stunning nations on the planet. This vast country has it all, towering mountain ranges, enormous, untouched forests, and immense glaciers, few other countries on earth offer such scenic majesty and diversity.

It’s for this reason that Canada remains a top choice for those looking to holiday in the outdoors. Skiing, adventuring, and hiking holidays are all popular in Canada, with people eager to take advantage of the numerous opportunities and soak in the striking scenery. If you’re planning a hiking holiday in Canada, preparation is essential, so we’ve put together a guide with some top tips to help you out. Read on to find out more.

hiking in Canada

Get Yourself Insured

Unfortunately, the very nature of a hiking holiday means it comes with more inherent risks than your standard city getaway or beach vacation. The mountains and forests can be dangerous places, unstable terrain, unpredictable weather conditions, not to mention the ever-present possibility of a bear or mountain lion gatecrashing your jolly jaunt through the woods.

Ensure that you’re covered for anything that might happen by getting travel insurance ahead of time. This will cover everything from medical expenses to lost luggage or cancellations, leaving you free to hike without worrying.

Pack What You Need, And More

Moreso than for a traditional city break, packing the right clothes, gear, and equipment for a hiking trip is absolutely crucial. You’ll need good, sturdy walking boots if you want to be able to handle the rough terrain on the Canadian mountains. Thick socks will help prevent blisters, too.

The weather in Canada can change in the blink of an eye. You could be strolling under a blue cloudless sky one minute, sheltering from a downpour under some trees the next. Make sure you pack accordingly. Bring a good quality waterproof jacket and trousers. Spares of everything are essential as well, the last thing you want to be doing is hiking in wet clothes.

Packing doesn’t just stop at clothing either. You’re going to need maps, compasses, and torches. Light nonperishable food is useful too if you’re looking for a mid-hike snack. Don’t forget a first aid kit either, an essential part of any outdoor activity. A whistle or some other kind of signaling device is also important, it can be used to alert mountain rescue services to your whereabouts should there be any kind of emergency.

Plan Your Hiking Trail

Canada has thousands of hiking trails spread right across the country, totaling an astonishing 3800km in distance. Picking one to tackle for your hiking trip can seem like an impossible task, but making the right is crucial for the success of your trip.

You’ll need to assess the fitness and overall capability of your group. Canadian trails come in all sorts of various levels of difficulty and dangerousness, you’ll need to study them carefully to ensure you’re not embarking on a trip that’s beyond the physical limits of you or anyone in your party. Hiking in Canada can lead you to some remote and isolated places, where help is far away. An injury or accident in the forest or up a mountain can be a very serious situation.


For an action-packed hiking holiday filled with adventure, you’d be hard pushed to find anywhere as perfect as Canada. Its wide and varied terrain with jaw-dropping scenery makes it ideal for a backpacking trip. To ensure you have the best possible time, get travel insurance ahead of your journey, pack for all eventualities, and plan your hiking trail carefully.

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