Pete Davidson Could Fly To Space As Early As 2022

Famous comedian Pete Davidson had made the headlines a couple of times this year, and from the looks of it, he’ll continue making the headlines in celebrity talks.

His latest news is Davidson being en route to flying to space with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, and it might be happening this year, according to the report making rounds in the media which was cited by users of best Australia online casino.

Just last week, the 28-year-old comedian was reportedly seen at Bezos’ Los Angeles house alongside his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The Saturday Night Live star visited the billionaire to confirm the details regarding the upcoming Blue Origin flight to space.

Pete Davidson

According to a source, who said: “Pete is excited They haven’t signed a contract yet, but it looks like it’s going to happen. The details are being finalized.”

Following several years of anticipation and preparation, Bezos’ Blue Origin got its first passenger flight to space in July. In the last few months, the company has managed to pilot 14 private citizens into space and completed three human space flights. A very commendable feat achieved by the space company.

The entire flight of the Blue Origin from takeoff to landing back on our planet will only take about 10 minutes, which includes four minutes of weightlessness to be experienced in space.

Davidson’s flight will likely not be happening as fast as we suspected, but it was reported that the Saturday Night Live star could journey to space sometime this year. Blue Origin will be making one more flight in 2022, with a couple of other missions scheduled for 2023.

If Davidson happens to be on the next Blue Origin flight to space, he isn’t the first celebrity the space company has managed to take to space. William Shatner was taken off Earth last year by the Blue Origin, at the age of 90, making him the oldest person to ever fly to space.

Former NFL star and TV host Michael Strahan, who love casino online, was included in a Blue Origin flight to space back in December.

Although Blue Origin is yet to announce the cost of a flight space, many estimated the cost to be around $250,000 per person, which makes it comparable to space companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX.

There are also other companies launching to look out for, one of them being the opening of a new nightlife spot aboard a retired Staten Island Ferry. We can expect many other space companies to emerge in the next few years regarding flight to space.

The rumor is that Davidson plans to fly to space along with his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, which is not surprising considering that the couple was spotted in Bezos’ compound.

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