Must-See Places When Traveling To Macau

With vaccinations against the COVID 19 Corona Virus pandemic being carried out aggressively across most countries, traveling is slowly getting back to normal. And if you are planning for your next big holiday, Macau can indeed be the perfect travel destination with your family. After all, this fascinating tourist destination has plenty to offer to travelers from all across the globe. It has become one of the most sought-after travel destinations. Let us look at some of the top places you need to visit if you are in Macau for your upcoming holidays.

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Macau History Centre

Macau is a city that has had an exciting history, with both European and Asian influences. This dual culture blends perfectly in the Historic Centre of Macao, which was once Portuguese but now exhibits Chinese elements through various buildings and gardens left behind by its colonial past. The winding streets and old mosaics in the island’s capital make up a lot of its appeal to visitors. It is what you must not miss out on during your trip to this fascinating destination.

Venetian Macao Cassino

The city of Macau is home to the world’s biggest casino, with an area that reaches 550 thousand square feet. Exycasinos gambling experts approve, it has everything a picky gambling enthusiast needs with three different gaming sections and 800 tables for card games such as poker or blackjack! The $2 billion projects also include luxury hotel suites worth more than one million dollars each; huge event venues large enough to hold 90 Boeing 747 jumbo jets without any problems at all (talk about impressively planned)! And lastly, there are entertainment options galore – from live music performances during dinner hours right down into late night clubs where people can dance until dawn. It is what makes Macau so famous all across the world.

Nam Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain Show

At the Cybernetic Fountain, you can enjoy an impressive laser show and 80 m high water spouts. The fountain is free to visit but make sure that it’s on your schedule because there are different shows at various times of day or night! It is a show which will surely be memorable for you and another must-visit place once you are in Macau.

Taipa Village

The bustling, colorful town of Taipa is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustles of life in Macau. The narrow streets are lined with shops selling authentic Portuguese cuisine and colonial villas that blend effortlessly into old-fashioned street lamps for those looking for some nostalgia amidst all this modernity. However, you will always find yourself drawn back down an alleyway where food vendors sell their freshly cooked goods, among other things, such as flowers or clothing washed by hand, so it’s fresh off the line – not just “vintage.”

Macau Tower

The world’s highest bungee jump is an experience that will leave you with a feeling of complete vertigo. You’ll reach up to 200 kilometers per hour as your body plunges towards the earth and into the airbag, only for it all to come crashing back down again! No matter what height people want an adventure, they can find one in Macau: whether it’s taking on challenges like riding cable cars or exploring ancient temples – this city has got something unique just waiting within its bounds.


To conclude, we hope that by visiting the five destinations mentioned above, you will indeed have a truly memorable experience of Macau. So, you must not miss seeing them.

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