Most Popular Fetish Of 2022

Although it might be something of a recent phenomenon in the mainstream. fetish play has been a key part of the adult industry for much longer. There is just no doubt that people all over the country have their own unique kink which gets them off! With the success of books like ’50 Shades of Grey’ though, it seems more people than ever are discovering the arousing world of fetish play. This has certainly been true in 2022 and seen a whole load of fetishes make the headlines. But which one has been the most popular in the last 12 months?


What is the most popular fetish of 2022?

While there are lots of kinky fetishes people have loved to explore in 2022, it seems that BDSM is the one which is most popular. This is actually quite a wide-ranging fetish but basically involves being tied up, dominated and spanked. Of course, BDSM can be just as big a buzz for the person who is doing the tying up and spanking!

Why has BDSM been so popular in 2022?

There are some very good reasons why BDSM has emerged as the top fetish in 2022. To begin with, it’s lots of fun and provides intense stimulation for both parties. It also has a role-play element to it which the person being dominated and the person in charge get a kick from. BDSM is also a fetish which has lots of cool toys to enjoy playing with that are easy to find online. If you buy from, then you don’t even have to wait around to try them out! The gradual trickle of BDSM into the mainstream when it comes to sex has also meant more people feel comfortable giving it a go now.

What other popular fetishes could take over in 2023?

While BDSM has dominated in 2022 and will always be popular with couples, there are a few other fetishes which could challenge its status in 2023. Foot fetishes, for example, are not uncommon now and are when people get sexually aroused by feet. This could be the sight of them, the smell of them or the feel of them. Another of the most common fetishes which relates to this is a shoe fetish. While this can be for any type of shoe, the most widely seen by far is a fetish for high heels. People who are into this sexual kink tend to get excited by how high heels look when worn. 2023 could also be the year where the fetish for rubber, leather and latex becomes top dog. People who enjoy this kink can get excited by the sight or smell of these materials. Of course, some people with this fetish get off on how latex, rubber or leather feels when worn too.

Another growing fetish which is increasingly common in New Zealand is wearing chastity cages. Designed to restrict the ability for the user to pleasure themselves, the chastity kink shares a lot of connection with the BDSM, sissy and crossdresser communities.

What will be the top fetish next year?

BDSM has reigned supreme in 2022 as the year’s top fetish. While this might remain the case in the coming 12 months, it is likely that we will see some other well-known examples become even more loved in 2023.

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