Is It Hard to Receive NIF Portugal?

Those who intend to get NIF normally wonder how difficult it is and what has to be done in order to get NIF without any major difficulties. If you follow this article, you will familiarize yourself with the details!

Option 1: You Do Everything on Your Own


NIF PortugalSuch a way is not going to be hard but it might be a bit time-consuming. In this case, the first thing you have to complete is getting all the documents ready. Actually, the list of them is not big. This includes just your proof of residence and ID.

The second step to take here is to visit the local tax office where you will have an appointment. Your documents will be considered, and you will face a final decision about getting NIF (in most cases, the applications are not declined and things should be okay).

So, if there are no issues with your documents, you will get your NIF. So, what is the problem here?

It may be difficult to schedule the time first of all. You need to find a free day to visit the office and cancel some of your activities. Also, you may have some issues if you do not speak Portuguese well. The representatives of the tax offices speak English sometimes but no one can guarantee that this is right what is going to happen in your case. And, finally, you will have to wait before you receive your NIF.

So, this option is not linked to any major hardships but there is another variant you may consider in order to make your NIF-getting experience simpler. Let’s see what it is about below.

Option 2: You Trust All the Work to the Professionals

There is an excellent opportunity to order some of the Portuguese vital documents online today. NIF Portugal is not an exception here.

So, you should also collect the docs right as it has been described in the previous section of the article but you do not have to bring them anywhere. You are going to send everything online. This allows to save a lot of time and in general, such an option seems to be more convenient to plenty of people today.

Here is how it works: you upload the necessary documents (the copies should be okay though), pay a fee, and wait for a few days (on average, you will receive your NIF within a week; this time is enough for the authorities to check all the info about you and make a final decision about your NIF). Simple, right?

So, it is up to you what option to stick to. But do not forget about your personal convenience and consider the fact that you are free to devote the time you will have to some other important stuff. For instance, you may open a bank account in Portugal (by the way, it can also be done online) or start looking for a job. So, plan this in advance!

By the way, you may also wonder how to choose a service provider who will help you to get your NIF. The first important aspect here is to take a look at the official site. It has to be visually attractive and intuitive for using. Besides, it is a nice idea to take a look at the reviews about a certain provider. They may also be given on the site itself.

It is great when you have a chance to reach support and ask a couple of questions about the services. It shows that a provider cares for you as a client.

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