How to Make the Most of a Vietnamese Adventure with a Ha Long Bay Cruise

Trying to choose the perfect holiday destination always provides much discussion before a final decision is made. Of course, much of it depends on what is required for a couple who may be heading away together, wanting something extra special from their adventures.

With so many places to choose from, it’s as well to find somewhere that is worth the effort. Vietnam has become increasingly popular in recent years, with its tropical climate, stunning scenery, and beautiful expansive coastline. Local cuisine and a rich history ensure that there is plenty to entertain visitors, who might also want to add some special luxury to their visit by choosing a Ha Long Bay boat cruise, for several great reasons.

Ha Long Bay adventure

    • Heading out on the ocean for anything between 2 and 4 days offers a chance to unwind and relax. Any hassles from back home can be forgotten about, taking in incredible views that only a select few have previously enjoyed. Unspoilt vistas as the sun rises and then sets create an amazing backdrop for a trip that will create memories that last a lifetime.
    • The luxury cruises visit some wonderful places, that will capture the heart and open minds. Depending on which cruise is chosen, they can include visits to UNESCO sights or trips on smaller boats offering privacy for some romantic moments. A complimentary herbal foot bath may appeal to some, while a tailored route or being out on a classic wooden boat may be the choice of others. Some aboard may become a floral princess at night by wearing cotton pyjamas.
    • The highest standards of customer service will be provided to all guests, while they enjoy a sustainable tourist adventure. The company that provides the cruises have a range of luxury vessels which are perfectly suited to each option. They provide incredible experiences and optimum luxury. There will be the opportunity to enjoy cultural experiences such as traditional tea ceremonies and cooking demonstrations allow an insight into local life when visiting less frequented parts of the bay.
    • The on-board accommodation and facilities are also guaranteed to make a cruise memorable, with the English-speaking crew ready to assist wherever possible. They will be able to impart their knowledge, being experts and having vast experience in hospitality. There will be caves to be discovered, as well as the spectacular seascape of limestone pillars in places largely uninhabited by others. Maybe, once back on dry land, a visit to the premier amusement park in the region might be enjoyed.
    • The cabins on the cruise vessels offer comfort and ensure a good night’s sleep before waking the following morning to be met with a stunning view to start the new day, maybe from the private balcony. All meals are served, while the use of complimentary kayaks may be taken advantage of, while some might decide it is the perfect place to stage their wedding.

A cruise in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay will provide sumptuous luxury and views and experiences which will live forever in the hearts of its guests.