How To Become a Witch: A Beginner’s Guide

Halloween or not, there seem to be plenty of reasons to practice witchcraft these days. Pop culture has been the most convincing of them all, brewing up a gaggle of horror flicks and cult-inspired TV shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Originals, and Marianne.

The fashion industry is also getting into witchcraft, with dozens of recognized brands concocting crone-inspired creations the last few seasons. There are, however, people who want to do more than tap into their witchy side.

While some want nothing more than to be witches on the surface, others truly desire to harness the supernatural power granted by Hecate herself. Regardless of the level of sorcery you want to get involved in, here are a few things that should help get you started.

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The Basics of Becoming a Witch

Being a witch is about more than how you look; instead, it’s about embodying every aspect of what a witch is supposed to be. So, while the pointed hat, downturned nose, and hideous clothes are part of that identity in the traditional sense, it’s not the only thing you have to nail.

In fact, more important to ingrain than the witchy style sense is the knowledge and behavior that comes with being a child of the forest. Before anything else, let’s go back to the root of it all.

Your Reason for Wanting To Become a Witch

Unless you’re interested in nothing more than dressing up as a witch, you can stop right here. There’s no need to delve deeper into a potentially risky and life-changing journey when you’re after nothing more than witchy inspiration. However, if you’re looking to partially or fully transform into a woman of Salem, you should have a good reason for doing so.

For many women and men, the decision stems from something deep within. Some are rooted in ill intent, while others are founded on the desire for social change. The word “witch” has come to be synonymous with “sisterhood” and “feminism.” Then again, the association to sorcery can sometimes warp how both these movements are viewed.

Basically, it’s important to know whether you want to become a good witch or a bad witch. The thrill and excitement of becoming one can sometimes make you overlook the reasons why you shouldn’t. If your desire comes from a good place, feel free to start your transition as soon as possible. However, we would advise against using sorcery for wrong or selfish reasons, including personal gain.

The Risks Involved

While both the traditional and modern witchy looks are easy enough to nail, one knows that merely looking the part isn’t enough. To join the ranks of Salem’s lot, you must also acquaint yourself with the following risks:

Succumbing to the Dark

Even if you aim to use witchcraft as a tool for the greater good, there’s no denying that it is an inherently dark craft. Without thoroughly understanding this brand of magic, you may think it’s all fun and games until it’s too late.

Don’t take this venture lightly. Give yourself a thorough education of what the path entails and how to prepare yourself in case things go haywire.

Hateful Behavior

It’s no secret that many aren’t too fond of witches. People either don’t believe witches exist, or they don’t understand witches and often associate them with evil machinations.

You should be safe enough from the former, as they’ll more likely laugh in your face than hurt you. However, keep a watchful eye for people you suspect could be the latter, as they might not second guess calling the villagers on you. To prevent hate crimes resulting from being a witch, it would be best to keep mum about your new identity.

The Paths You Can Take

There are different kinds of witchcraft to specialize in. Take the time to learn about each to know what aligns best with your spirit.


Hebrew, Christian, and Islam followers who desire to become witches usually specialize in Paganism. This form focuses on the magic of earth and nature. Its modern-day followers are called neo-pagans.


A brand of sorcery that puts emphasis on by-the-book practices, ceremonial witchcraft usually deals with rituals and ceremonies.


These are known as freelance witches who prefer operating on their own instead of joining a coven. They also do not conform to any rules by the general witching community and practice their own brand of witchcraft instead.


A coven is a congregation of witches led by a high priestess or priest. Their system is usually based on religious alignment, from Wiccan and Eclectic to Brujeria and Pagan.

Think Hard Before You Make the Decision

Becoming a witch isn’t a decision to take lightly. Even after considering your personal reasons, the risks involved, and the paths open for you, give yourself as much time as possible to think things over.

Only after weighing everything carefully and deciding the venture is worth it should you take that first step into the threshold of sorcery.

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