How To Avoid Tourist Crowds In Provence

One of the biggest problems that many travellers face today is being surrounded by other tourists and feeling too much like an intruder in a foreign country. While many tourists are perfectly well-meaning and polite, there is still a general criticism of tourists from locals who may complain about the negative impact that tourism can have on the culture and traditions of the location. There are many stunning locations around the Mediterranean coastline which attract people from far and wide, and one such location is the French region of Provence on the country’s southern coast. Many people visit this area to soak up the rich culture of the area while also enjoying the satisfyingly sunny weather and relaxing atmosphere. Here is how you can enjoy your time in the region of Provence without having to contend with crowds of tourists.


Avoid Staying In A Hotel

Staying in a hotel is easily one of the most touristy choices you can make when going on holiday. Of course, there is nothing that suggests that this is a bad decision, as we all want different things from a holiday. Some may just want to bask in the sun and enjoy a relaxing week away from work; in these cases, a hotel or a resort is a perfectly fine consideration. But if you want to avoid the more generic holiday vibes, you’ll want to consider staying a bit more off the beaten track, such as in a bed and breakfast or in a luxury villa. You can find some amazing luxury villas in Provence here, which are perfect for a more relaxing and higher-quality getaway.

Explore The Countryside

The natural landscape around the south of France is an incredibly verdant and beautiful place with rolling hills, mountainous backdrops, and gorgeous coastlines, all within a fairly short distance from each other. There are lots of amazingly quaint town, villages, and hamlets all boasting that gorgeous Provencal style of rustic brickwork, climbing vines, and the occasional terracotta rooftop. These structures are something that you’d imagine in a fairy tale, and to see them in real life can be jaw-dropping. As well as visiting these little towns and villages, you could also put on your hiking shoes and take a walk around the many natural trails across the region. And don’t forget to bring a picnic.

Consider Booking Private Tours

There are naturally going to be some areas around the south of France that you’d really like to see that are understandably a popular choice for tourists, such as the Papal Palace in Avignon and Fort Saint André. But the great thing about these sorts of places is that it is possible to book yourself a private tour in which you can avoid queues. In some cases, you could even avoid the crowds entirely by booking an after-hours private tour, essentially getting the whole place to yourselves. This can be a really eerie yet thrilling experience, touring these phenomenal historical structures. It’s much easier to absorb these old structures’ history and stories when they are almost empty, allowing you to truly appreciate each place.

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