Hottest Cars To Travel In For 2022

If you’ve ever bothered taking in car advice from a car website then you’ll probably know the things to look for when buying a new car. Price and practicality are the two big hallmarks preferred by many a motoring journalist.

But what about desire, style, joie de vivre? After all, if you’re sinking monthly payments into a new car, ultimately the best car for you is something that you actually want to drive and be seen in.

Luckily, the Parkers New Car Awards 2021 has highlighted the best new cars on sale now. Below, we’ve picked out the top three for people who want something desirable as well as brilliant.

hottest cars BMW 4 Series Convertible
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BMW 4 Series Convertible

We’ll kick this list off with something controversial, in the form of the BMW 4 Series Convertible. It’s not a controversial car per se, but the looks certainly are.

It all stems from the front grille. It has a huge one. It’s aggressive, it’s out there, it’s…probably not to everyone’s taste.

But if it does ignite your fires, the BMW 4 Series is a seriously swish and well thought-out convertible.

The interior is comfortable and looks great – something really important for when you have the roof down.

Plus there is a huge array of engines on offer. Most will go for one of the sensible petrol or diesels, but there’s also a lovely six-cylinder petrol that is fast and smooth. As well as a seriously fast 510bhp supercar-beater too.

hosttest car 2022 Mercedes Benz S Class
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Mercedes-Benz S-Class

You’ve probably seen a fair few of these big Mercs ferrying around celebrities and dignitaries around major events.

The S-Class isn’t so much a car to drive – it’s more one to be driven in.

It had a major update this year, one so large and important Parkers deemed it to be a worthy winner of its Luxury Car of the Year award.

The technology on offer is probably the most impressive part. There’s facial scanning so it can sign you in and put everything just the way you like it, a humongous 12-.8-inch control screen with haptic feedback, and a voice assistant that can be activated with human speech. Tell it you’re tired and it’ll turn on an Energising Comfort program, which will turn on the massage seat, play uplifting music, and release a stimulating odour.

The best part? None of that tech nonsense. Old-school, soft and squidgy pillows for your head. Beautiful.

hottest car Land Rover Defender
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Land Rover Defender

Possibly the most fashionable new car on the road today. The Land Rover Defender is many things to many people. A school run bus, something chic to show off in, a 4×4 to tackle the worst of the British weather, to name just three.

It comes in short wheelbase three door models plus long wheelbase five door models, has plenty of trim levels to choose from, and sensible diesel and petrol engines, plus a ballistic V8.

There’s even a commercial model if you run a bijou flower business and need something much more upmarket than a van to make deliveries in.

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