From Flower to Fusion: How to Make Infused Pre-Rolls at Home

Pre-rolls are a staple in the cannabis world, but infusing them with potent concentrates can take your smoking experience to new heights.

And while infused pre-rolls are the top-selling segment of the pre-roll industry, they can also be made at home, allowing the consumer to choose their favorite flower and concentrate, as well as paper type and cone size.

infusing a pre-roll

Photo By: Custom Cones USA

So how do you infuse your own pre-rolls? Let’s get into it.

What are concentrates?


Photo By: Custom Cones USA

To begin, it’s important to understand what cannabis concentrates are. Through methods involving solvents or pressure, trichomes and cannabinoids are extracted to produce high-THC concentrates ranging from 60% to 99%. Common types of concentrates include:

    • Kief: Loose cannabis trichomes sifted from buds, rich in cannabinoids, and usually collected in the bottom compartment of grinders.
    • Hashish (Hash): Pressed kief and trichomes formed into cakes, popular in Europe and gaining traction in the U.S.
    • Rosin: Concentrate made without solvents, using heat and pressure to create a gooey substance.
    • Live Resin: Made from fresh-frozen flowers to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a flavorful product.
    • Extracts: Produced using solvents to separate cannabinoids and trichomes from the flower, available in various textures like budder, wax, and shatter.

Infusing methods

There are two main methods for infusing pre-rolls – external application and internal infusion.

External application involves coating the outside of the pre-roll with a concentrate like distillate and then rolling it in kief. This adds potency while preserving the flavor of the flower inside.

Internal infusion incorporates the concentrate directly into the pre-roll, either by mixing it with the ground flower, lining the inside with it before rolling, or injecting it into the center after rolling.

Why infuse your own?

Infusing your own pre-rolls offers several advantages. The first, of course, is the cost savings compared to infused pre-rolls from dispensaries. The addition of the concentrate always bumps the price of a pre-roll.

Secondarily, but just as important is the ability to customize your pre-rolls. When you pack up your own infused pre-rolls, you get to choose your favorite flower and concentrate combination to create the flavors and potency you are looking for, as well as the paper type and cone size and shape. In addition, you get control over quality and packing to ensure that your pre-roll is exactly what you are looking for.

How to infuse your own pre-rolls



Photo By: Custom Cones USA

To get started infusing, you’ll need supplies like a grinder, dab mat or parchment, packing tool, concentrate of choice, pre-rolled cone of your choosing and any tools for your specific infusion method like a syringe or brush.

For external infusion, gently heat your concentrate like distillate or live resin until liquified using a candle warmer, then use a brush to evenly coat the outside of the pre-roll. Next, roll your still-sticky pre-roll in a dusting of kief.

Internal infusion is a little more complicated. Methods include mixing concentrate with ground flower, lining or injecting concentrate into the pre-roll, or incorporating dry concentrates like kief or bubble hash.

The easiest ways to infuse internally are:

    1. Kief: Mix kief with ground flower and pack the pre-roll.
    2. Hash Rosin: Roll rosin into a thin snake and place it in the middle of the flower before rolling. As you smoke this pre-roll, the cherry of your joint will vaporize the rosin as you smoke, creating the “hash hole” look popular on social media.
    3. Bubble Hash: Crumble bubble hash into the ground cannabis before packing.

Some infused pre-rolls even use multiple methods or combine internal and external infusions. The highly popular Baby Jeeter style, for example, uses high-potency concentrate “diamonds” inside the pre-roll and then rolls it in kief for an extra punch.

Final thoughts

Regardless of method, managing the concentrate’s viscosity through gentle heating or dilution is key for smooth application and optimal burn. Patience and care are needed, but mastering infused pre-rolls allows you to precisely customize your potency and flavor experience.

From cost-saving convenience to creative expression, infusing pre-rolls opens up a new realm of cannabis consumption. With the right concentrates, tools and techniques, you can craft premium infused pre-rolls tailored exactly to your liking – potent creations that will elevate your sessions and impress any cannabis connoisseur.

So pick a pre-rolled cone, find your favorite flower and choice of concentrate and get rolling! The only limits are your imagination.