Collector’s Guide To Dalarna Souvenirs

The Swedish province of Dalarna has a lot of things to offer – food, drink, sights, and activities you can enjoy. Like most tourist spots anywhere in the globe, Dalarna has its share of souvenirs and collectibles. So do not worry about what you would want to take home as memorabilia. We have a list of the neat things you can get as you visit such a colorful and beautiful location.

Guide To Dalarna Souvenirs


Dalarna is no stranger to pottery goods. There are outlets in the province that specialize in pottery. You can also bring home ceramics once you visit during the summer months. Plus, you can also learn how the process works for yourself! One of the many pottery outlets offers courses and hands-on activities for all to enjoy.


You might think that there might be a shortage of jewelry in Dalarna. But the thing is, you are dead wrong! You will find workshops and stores that showcase Amuletten. These are jewelry pieces and other wares originating from coins all over the world. The coins undergo a specialized process that turns them from old and unused assets into fine pieces of art and collectibles.


There is no tourist spot in the globe that does not sell shirts, hoodies, and other clothing and apparel. The same goes for the various outlets in the province of Dalarna. You can find all sorts of Swedish-inspired clothing where tradition meets fashion. A lot of the numerous apparel up for sale is of top quality and worth every buck you spend.

Decoration shields

Swedish folk loves their décor. Plus, they also love their shields. So, why not have some fun and mix both altogether? The result is stylish and intricate decoration shields you cannot get anywhere else. Some shops offer pre-made shields. However, you also have the option to customize your weapon of a war-turned decorative piece.

Flea market goods

The fun part about flea markets is that you do not know what you might find. You are in for a surprise, as you take a step inside one of the many flea markets in the province. Who knows what you will bring home? If you get lucky, you can find a rare item that might be more expensive than your purchasing price.

Antiques and curiosities

Dalarna is also home to dozens and dozens of antiques and curiosities. Like flea markets, you will have a wonderful time looking around curio stands and shops all around the province.

Hantverk goods

You might be looking around for the ideal gift for baptisms, weddings, and other fine events. Don’t worry one bit. Dalarna has a lot of them readily available for purchase. It is a matter of time for you to find handicrafts, painted furniture, wooden items, and weaving products. Any of these items are perfect for any event of your choosing.

Preserves and processed food

Who doesn’t love food? In Dalarna, you can enjoy unique forms of food you cannot find anywhere else. But things do not end there. You also have the opportunity to take home a lot of preserved fruit and jams.

Enamel signs

There is a way for you to have a customized sign to take home. Dalarna offers one of the few enamel signage processes that has survived time. Professional workers will manufacture an enamel sign of your request. They also use the finest quality material for the product. It is more than a decorative piece for your walls at home. You are taking a part of history with you as well.

Dala horse

You cannot complete your gift shopping in the province of Dalarna without taking a Dala horse with you. No, we are not talking about actual horses. Dala or Dalecarlian horse is a traditional wooden statue of a horse. The item is originally a children’s toy. However, nowadays, it is a symbol of the province and the entirety of Sweden as well.


The province also boasts candle products that workers create by hand. The neat thing about these candle goods is that the workers make them using the traditional way. You will see the various designs and colors that Dalarna has to offer. Not only that, but these items do not come heavy for your wallet. You can take home as many as you can carry in a bag!

You do not have to limit your shopping as you visit the beautiful province of Dalarna alone. There might come a time that you do not have enough storage to put all your goods together as you fly back home. That is when the internet comes in handy. You can peruse tons of websites online that sell Dalarna-inspired items and products. You can also visit the Swedish province’s actual product site for authentic wares and other goodies.

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