Checklist To Move To Italy

A country rich in arts, history, cuisine, fashion, culture, civilization, and ancient monuments, I am talking about Italy, well known for its beautiful beaches, captivating coastlines, and mesmerizing mountains. It is the fifth most visited country globally and the destination of many dreams to live a life there. Italy is located in southern Europe and is a popular vacation spot for travelers. Although the United States is about 33 times larger than Italy, most people move from the USA to Italy because of its mesmerizing beauty. And if you want to move to Italy with your family from the USA; so, you need to start planning today. But to most families, the only problem in moving to Italy from usa is the cargo of their home stuff. They fear that their property will get damaged during relocation, and because of that fear, they withdraw the idea of moving to Italy.

move to italy

But now, your dream will not be a dream anymore. You have to plan and leave all the shipment matters on SDC international shipping. They have expertise in packing, relocating, packaging, and transporting. They take great care of fragile items and even provide you with all the services of the necessary documentation for transportation. They abide by all the regulations and eliminate all the barriers, but you need to check specific details before moving to Italy.

Plan budget

If you are moving to Italy, you should be aware of all the financial requirements and should have enough to go through any of the adverse circumstances.

Documentation and Visa

Ensure that you have all the necessary documents before applying for a visa; none of your manuscripts should be expired. All your family members should have active documentation, and even if you have a pet, you have to manage its complete documents. After that step, you need to apply for the proper visa, and specifically, if you are moving from the US to Italy, you need to be more vigilant.


If you are moving to Italy permanently, you require a self-certification form from immigrants, and in case you have to return. It is demanded from you to provide a consular declaration of repatriation.

School Records and Certification

In case of migration from the USA, you need to have the official school records of your child. Even if they are primary school students, documents are essential to prove the period of residency, and it plays a crucial role in gaining the citizenship of Italy. And for you, it is indispensable to provide all the degrees, certificates, and official working records.

Set Schedule

In the wake of all the documentation, you have to look for a reliable shipping company, and, in this regard, SDC is the best choice. You have to book a shipment in just three easy steps. If you owe any permanent residency in the USA, you need to sell it for migration. And in case of a job, provide them with a resignation notice.

Where to live

Moving to Italy with your family, the primary concern will be a suitable place to live. If you take this decision after migration to Italy, it can create several problems. So, you have to take this decision by living in Italy. Select a suitable place by looking into various advertisements to get the best opportunity.


Living in Italy is a dream for many people, and if you are migrating to Italy, you need to pay heed to all the requirements. This process can be made easy by planning and choosing the right moving company for safe and reliable migration.

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