Bon Voyage! Experience The Best Winter Vacation With Travel Trailer

‘Traveling in a travel trailer in summer is one thing, but in winters, a different set of rules need to be followed,’ said most of the traveling enthusiasts.

Can travel in a trailer during winter be that troublesome?

winter trailer

Well, to be very honest, traveling in winters is never an easy task. You need to be fully prepared to protect yourself from harsh winter winds without compromising with the enjoyment. Moreover, if you plan to relish this winter season with travel trailers, you need to be extra careful.

Getting worried? Don’t be! We have collected for you the best tips to enhance your experience of traveling with trailers. So, let’s dive right into it.

Prepare your trailer for the winter

You must be wondering what it means. The very step of traveling is to prepare your vehicle for it, especially when we are talking about traveling in winters. Although most of the trailers have well insulated and built structures to protect you from the harsh weather, you can still add insulated curtains, heated water hose, and engine block heater to create more warmth inside the travel trailer to prevent freeze-ups.

Keep cupboards open on cold nights when the propane heater is on

Who wants to witness a frozen water pipe, water pump, and tanks as soon as you wake up in the morning? No one. To get rid of this problem, you can consider a propane water heater. Keep it on while you’re asleep and open your trailer windows. This allows the warm air to circulate the pipes (bathroom and kitchen) and the area above the water tank.

Nevertheless, it is also important to keep extra propane tanks as you never know when you’ll run out of them. Keeping extra fuel is generally a wise step to avoid any suffering on your trip.



Don’t buy a travel trailer with-in-floor or hidden plumbing

As stated earlier, it can be challenging to keep things away from getting frozen in chilly winters. A with-in-floor or hidden plumbing can make your situation worse. It will prevent things from getting de-frozen. And that can be worrisome for you. Isn’t it?

Find a way to heat your travel trailer on chilly nights

Undoubtedly, the nights of winters are freezing. Your travel trailer must stay warm enough to protect you. For that, you can add dual pane windows, use rugs, microfiber blankets and get a vent insulator to keep the warm air inside the trailer. According to Caravan Woods, you can have the best fun-filled experience in winters if you have the comfort of warm air in your trailer.

In a scenario, if you are not able to keep your trailer warm from the inside, then you can look at a propane heater aimed at your water and septic tanks.

Skirting the trailer

Yes! It is correct that you need to do skirting of your trailer. Why? Because it is essential to protect the underside of the trailer as much as it is crucial to keep the warmth inside. Like any other part of the vehicle, the bottom is also very vulnerable to the freezing winter wind.

Skirting will help prevent the wind from entering the trailer, and besides, it’ll also make your trailer look cute.

winter trailer
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Have thermometers inside and outside of your trailer

Ideally, installing thermometers will help you in understanding the temperature of the trailer. It is better to keep one at the front door, both inside and outside, and one at the front of the structure. It’s because the temperature is always lower there than at the back of the structure.

Dump your tanks only when they’re full

It is obvious that you need to dump your tanks. However, when we talk about winter traveling, you must dump your tank only after it is full. Why? The reason being is that a small amount of wastewater tends to get frozen in winters, but a full tank uses the gravity force for the clean flush.

Tip for dumping your tank: don’t ever leave your tank open to dump them directly into the septic tank from the shelter in your trailer. Many people make this blunder and later regret it.

The bottom line

Winters can create unnecessary trouble for you when you are out traveling. Especially with trailers, you have to keep an extra eye on all the essentials that are required. But, you need not worry about any of the future problems as we have provided you with the most-required tips to travel in a trailer during winters.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for your best travel experience.

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