A Week in Cincinnati on a $35,000 Salary

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Today, a bookkeeper who makes $45,000 a year in Cincinnati, Ohio, spends some of his money on organic supplements.

Occupation: Bookkeeper

Age: 28

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

Salary: $35,000 (approx. $1,400 per pay period)

Day One

Week in Cincinnati


I start my week off by waking up early to have time with my wife before going to the bank for work. Then, I head to work for a day full of paperwork and some good laughs with my coworkers. Once I’m off work, I head to the gym for my workout. Later, I go home and have dinner with my wife after she’s finished with her FNP school classes. She’s in the process of becoming a family nurse practitioner to further her nursing career with this online nursing program. Finally, I call it a night and go to bed.

Total: $0.00

Day Two

Week in Cincinnati


With another day of bookkeeping at the bank finished up, I stopped by the gym for my daily routine. Today, I noticed I was almost out of my fitness supplements, so I ordered more online from Phytage Laboratories. For me, they’re the best option for my fitness regimen with their wide range of supplements. Once I’m home, and my wife is finished with her FNP classes, we fix dinner together and settle in for the night.

Total: $75.00

Day Three

Week in Cincinnati


I brought donuts into work with me today for a coworker’s birthday, and we held a small celebration. After I finished my workout, I went home and ordered a movie to watch with my wife after dinner. We finished up a night of watching horror movies and went to bed.

Total: $17.10

Day Four

Week in Cincinnati

I finished out another day of filing and organizing paperwork at the bank and left for home. Today’s my rest day, so I skipped the gym. Instead, I swung by my local florist for a bouquet of flowers for my wife. She told me during my lunch break that she’d passed all of the mid-term exams for her FNP classes, so I wanted to surprise her. She loved the gesture, and we spent the rest of the evening celebrating her victory.

Total: $25.46

Day Five



Friday’s finally here, and I’m excited for the weekend. After work, I went straight to the gym to continue my workout regimen. After, I stopped by the store on the way home to pick up some supplies for our weekly game night tomorrow. Once I made it home with the snacks and drinks, I noticed my supplement order had arrived.

Total: $20.24

Day Six

Week in Cincinnati


Today’s the day of our weekly game night, so my wife and I started getting the house ready for visitors once we had breakfast. When we finally decided the house was ready for game night, my wife joined me for my trip to the gym. We had an excellent workout and I had a noticeable improvement in my regular exercise since starting my supplement routine back up. Finally, we went home to greet our guests. After a night of fun board games and telling our friends goodbye, we settled in for the night.

Total: $0.00

Day Seven

Week in town


My wife and I spent a relaxing Sunday around the house together. Before dinner, I went out to fill the car’s gas tank so I wouldn’t have to stop on the way to work tomorrow. Once I got back home, my wife and I had dinner and did a bit of tidying up around the house before deciding to call it a night.

Total: $40.00

Weekly Total: $177.88

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