A Smarter Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are quickly approaching, and Santa isn’t the only one who’s working overtime. Christmas shopping is an exciting time for you to shower all your loved ones with gifts and goodies that they are sure to love. It can also be stressful as you work to figure out just what gifts to get them. You love your family and friends, but sometimes people can just be tough to buy for. You want to get them something that expresses your appreciation and love for all they do. You also want to get a practical item that won’t end up hidden away in a closet somewhere. Finding the perfect present as a holiday gift really can be a lot of pressure.

However, you don’t have to flounder around in search of perfection anymore. There are plenty of ways to wise up when it comes to your Christmas shopping list. Don’t work harder this holiday season, instead work smarter. Here are just a few ideas and suggestions in a smarter holiday gift guide that can save you time and energy this year.

Don’t just give items; give experiences

There is a theory out there that everyone loves in different ways. The five main love languages are words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and gifts. So by that logic, not everyone feels love just by receiving gifts or material possessions. If you’re having trouble deciding on a gift for a friend or family member, consider some of the other love languages instead. An individual who feels love through quality time may prefer to give them an experience rather than a present. Plan a night out together where you’ll treat them to dinner and a show or something along the lines. This is a way to further take your gifting and show you care about that person in the specific way they feel loved. Plus, it will create another great memory down the line when you do share that experience. If you want to do something different, you can plan a prank gift for your partner.

Gift cards can be an easy guarantee they’ll love the final product

Yes, this may seem like a bit of a cop-out, but gift cards can be a brilliant choice for a holiday gift. Sometimes people are really picky about what they like. When it seems hopeless that you’ll ever be able to pick out the right thing, just giving them the opportunity to shop and pick it out themselves can be a great solution. Especially when you want to buy clothes or other personal products, rather than scouring dresses to find the perfect one in the right size, give the gift of a shopping spree with gift cards to their favorite store. This way, they can try on the clothes and pick out something they’ll absolutely love.

Remember a gift for every member of the family

As you’re getting your shopping list ready to go, you need to be just like Santa and check that thing twice. The worst thing you can do is forget someone on the holidays. Remember to make a special effort for everyone on your list. Especially if everyone is opening presents together on Christmas day, try to even out your spending and get gifts that won’t make anyone feel left out.

While you’re worried about members of your human family, don’t forget about your four-legged friends. This can be a fun time of year to get a new toy or extra treats for the cats, dogs, birds, and reptiles running around the house. Plus, this may take some of the burdens off your family and give them a gift as well. Buying that thing of dog food or cat litter or bulk dubia roaches for reptiles in the house will help out with practical needs and be a fun nod to the furry, feathery, or scaly members of your little family.

Stay aware of everyone’s special abilities and circumstances

When you are buying gifts, you need to do your best to personalize each product and make it unique to that individual. That means considering everyone’s special abilities and circumstances. If you have young kids you’re buying for still learning colors or numbers, toys that test that knowledge may be a great gift idea. Whereas if you’re buying gifts for Alzheimer’s patients, you’ll have different things to consider. Maybe a photo album or old record would be a more appropriate option in that scenario.

Keep up with the trends


So many stores and companies have crazy deals during the holidays. It’s also a great time for them to release hot new items for you to enjoy. As you’re making your shopping list, try and keep up with the trends and invest in great products. There are plenty of reasons why you should buy an iPad for your child or why your spouse needs a brand new FitBit or why your girlfriends deserve the newest line of Rose wines. Keeping up with the new and exciting merchandise will make you incredibly popular with your family and show that you love them enough to get them the absolute best products out there.

Practical gifts can still be appreciated

Be honest, when you make a list of things you want for the holidays, is it all just stuff you want, or are some things items that you really need? Those practical gifts may not seem as exciting, but they can be incredibly appreciated. Sure, there’s the running joke about dad just getting socks on Christmas morning, but what if dad really needed some new socks? It’s okay to opt for the practical gift this year. It will show you care, noticed their needs, and wanted to help out however you can.

Something personalized is always a special option

The ultimate way to give killer Christmas gifts is to personalize them truly. Order a custom piece or even make something yourself. Sometimes the best gifts are things you can’t find in stores but come directly from the heart. This is maybe one of the smartest ways to give this season. It shows that you truly care. With these gift-giving ideas, you’re set for the holidays.

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