A Buying Guide for Exclusive Glass Chillum

A chillum, also known as “hand pipe,” is a normal smoking pipe with a hollow interior that looks like a tube/pipe. Nowadays, most of these pipes are tube-shaped, and some are encased. Do you know a chillum can be made of various materials? The most commonly used materials are glass and wood.

glass chillum
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Here is a guide to buying special glass chillum:

Check the Glass Quality

The quality of glass matters in terms of the device’s functioning. Do you want to buy a chillum that would function perfectly and stay intact for years? Check the glass quality before purchase.

Borosilicate, a German manufactured glass composed of boron trioxide and silica, is one of the best types of glasses available in the market. It is incredibly durable and functions perfectly in the highest temperatures.

You may not always get to see the word “borosilicate” mentioned in the product description. Instead, you can see words such as ”scientific ” or “laboratory quality” glass in the product description, which are other ways to explain “borosilicate’ glass. If you notice any of these terms on the label or product description, buy the chillum.

If you don’t see such words, the product may be composed of other types of glass, which may not be a disadvantage. The product description without such words reflects the pipe’s incapability to tolerate heat like borosilicate. Be careful with your torch when heating so you don’t end up dropping the chillum. You need to be able to make minimum use of it.

Avoid Cheap Glass Material

It’s advisable to stay away from the cheapest glass chillum models as they are not durable. Your plants tend to burn inside an inexpensive glass chillum.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money as a first-time chillum user for smoking or other purposes, you can go for the cheapest option.


The prices of chillums differ from one to another. The cost of a specific chillum depends on the material, size, and manufacturing style. Glass chillums may not be more expensive than wooden ones as the price varies depending on the kind of glass or wood, size, and construction quality.

You can end up investing 4 to 6 dollars for a taster chillum or even more than 2 dollars for a standard size chillum. Keep in mind that the inexpensive devices may not stay and perform like expensive chillums. You can also get exclusive chillums in the marketplace that may cost around $100.

When you shop, you can easily buy a chillum made of glass in the price range of $20 to $50 that functions well and is sturdy to stay in good condition. You just need to be smart enough to browse the collections and pick products within your budget.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide to buying exclusive glass chillum helps you to purchase the same whenever you visit a store. Pick a product that looks great and also functions at its best. As you are investing your hard-earned money, purchase a device that you can use for the longest time and enjoy its benefits to the core.

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