5 Ways You Can Be a Better Traveler And Person

We usually think of traveling in a very selfish way. We see it as a means of getting some rest and not caring about the consequences of our actions. In today’s socially conscious and responsible society, this kind of attitude towards traveling simply won’t fly anymore. People today realize that traveling can be eco-friendly and it has the power to turn you into a better person. If you want to learn more about yourself, the world, and exercise your empathy and understanding, traveling is the activity for you. Let’s see how exactly traveling brings out the best in all of us.

Be a Better Traveler And Person

1. Travel 2- This Time it’s Personal

Instead of just saying you have itchy feet and complying to your strong urge to travel, take a moment to understand the motivation behind these feelings. Are you running from something? Looking for something else? Or are you simply hungry for adrenaline and adventure?

Whatever it is, you’ll be able to better understand what kind of travel would suit your needs best. Exposing yourself to the type of travel that suits you best makes you more comfortable when you’re abroad and increases your chances of growing as a person.

Even though it may sound like a good idea to put yourself out there and ignore your comfort zone by choosing a type of travel you least like- don’t do it. The chances are higher of this being unproductive and putting you off traveling forever. There’s no need to break your boundaries. Explore what you’re comfortable with, then gradually move on to more experimental travel while keeping in mind what your comfort levels are.

Be a Better Traveler And Person traveling
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2. Diversity? Diversity.

When traveling, you’ll encounter many different people from many different backgrounds, opinions, and views of the world. It’s important that you understand the importance of diversity and why it makes you a better person. When you interact with others who don’t share the same opinions and habits as you, or come from the same culture, you start seeing the good and bad in both traditions and ways of life.

This makes you more attuned to other people and helps you understand the motivation and emotions behind every action they take. As well as that, it helps you discover what’s unique about your own culture and how that impacts the world. Reevaluating dogma is an excellent way to grow as a person, because it sharpens your critical thinking skills and forms your own opinions about the world.

On a lighter note, interacting with other cultures can also teach you unique ways to say hello and goodbye, expose you to interesting languages, and introduce you to a world of new ways to have fun.

3. Carpe Diem

Traveling is not about escaping, but about seizing the day and the opportunity to do something valuable on your adventure, becoming a better person. More and more young people realize this, which is why they’re looking into ways to volunteer overseas. There are plenty of opportunities available for all ages, with each one offering you a unique travel experience.

How else would you interact with nature so closely? Most of the volunteering opportunities involve taking care of animals or nature, which is perfect for someone who wants to take seize the opportunity to make the world a better place. While you’re volunteering, it’s very possible that you’ll meet a lot of people who think and feel the same way about things with you. This is also an excellent way of making friends for life.

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4. Say No to Consumerism

Traveling is all about buying and creating waste these days. Whether it’s souvenirs or tours that don’t really show you anything, it’s greatly affecting the environment. Instead of just blindly buying everything there is on vacation and spending all of your savings, you should think about how it affects the world around you.

In the short-term, taking a picture with a chained monkey or snake charmer doesn’t do anything, but it does take a significant toll on the future. With these actions, you’re actively showing that you support animal cruelty and that people will earn money if they continue to act this way.

In other words, when you see anything that promotes unethical practices towards people, animals, or plants, you should simply ignore it. The less money people make from these activities, the less popular they will be in the future. Instead of falling into the trap of consumerism, you should find activities that support the wellbeing of nature or invent them yourself.


As you can see, traveling will truly turn you into a better person. As you face many different but equally difficult challenges while you travel, you’ll find out that overcoming each one has brought out a different side in you. We’re confident that this will be your time to shine and that traveling will show you just how amazing the world is if we make an effort to preserve it.

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