5 Ways to Travel the World like an A-Lister

Have you ever dreamt of experiencing the lifestyle of an A-lister? While constantly being in the public eye might not sound too alluring, the rich and famous get to experience life in a more exciting way to normal folk.

This is particularly the case when it comes to the way they travel the world. A-listers can sample the most luxurious destinations, the finest food, the biggest events and parties, the best travel cards for Europe and so much more.

Yet as even regular people can go on holidays that match up with celebrity counterparts, they don’t necessarily have to break the bank to do so. As evidence, here are five ways to travel the world like an A-lister.

Travel the World like an A-Lister

1. Travel With Tech

In their ultimate travel pack guide, Cashlady recommends always taking a few pieces of the latest technology with you.

To fight the boredom of travel, celebrities are never far away from their favorite tech devices. The good news is these are usually affordable for the regular person. Noise-canceling headphones, tablet computers, handheld gaming consoles – you likely already own these already. Combine them with an upmarket carry-on bag and some quality designer clothes, and your travel items are not too dissimilar to those A-listers.

2. Skip The Queues

Nobody likes to queue up. Well, this is one of the privileges for A-listers – they can typically skip past the lines and avoid waiting around. If you plan correctly, however, you can experience the same benefit.

Okay, you’re unlikely to get into the hottest clubs or reside backstage at a concert. Yet you can pay a little extra with your airline to skip over that tiresome check-in queue. Why not avoid public transport and book yourself a private chauffeur to take you from the airport to your accommodation?

3. Stay At A World-Famous Hotel… Or Rent A Villa

When on holiday, celebrities like to stay in places that offer the height of luxury. Well, this is usually what is found in world-famous hotels. Places such as Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont or The Savoy in London are regularly populated with A-listers. Plus, if you don’t want to splash out on an extended stay, you can simply stay one or two nights during your travels.

Alternatively, you can go with a villa. Airbnb has opened the door to opulent villas and mansions, where guests can sample the high life for an affordable price.

4. Relax In An Airport Lounge

Why reside with everyone else in the airport terminal, when instead you can wait for your flight in an airport lounge? Most airports will offer a lounge at a relatively inexpensive price, and they feature a wide variety of benefits. These include:

• A quiet, spacious area to relax in comfort on plush chairs.

• A range of complimentary amenities are typically supplied, including food and alcohol, showers, and fast Wi-Fi.

• Business facilities, such as work areas and plug outlets.

Travel the World like an A-Lister

5. Dine At A Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Now there’s nothing wrong with chowing down on some pizza or even having a quick pit stop at McDonald’s following a long flight. Yet if you want to truly taste that A-list lifestyle from a dining point of view, you have to look towards restaurants recognized with a Michelin star.

When you think about Michelin-starred dining, you probably think about tasting menus and nine-course dinners, which will set each person of your party back a hefty three-figure sum. However, there are many affordable Michelin-starred options available across the globe. For instance, head to the heart of Tokyo, and you can enjoy a set lunch at the Michelin-rated Ginza Ibuki for less than $15.

Just remember to plan in advance. Michelin-starred restaurants are understandably popular, so you’ll need to book reservations months in advance.

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