5 Key Amenities to Look for in Your Cocoa Beach Vacation Rental

Cocoa Beach is a dream vacation destination for many individuals and families. You can find plenty to do there, whether you stay for a few days or a couple of weeks. You can customize your vacation to do the things that interest you, whether you want calm and relaxation or excitement and thrills.

To create lasting memories in Cocoa Beach, you’ll want to book a vacation rental that meets your needs. Every rental has different amenities, and you might prioritize some more than others.

Let’s talk about five amenities you may look for as you peruse the various rental spots available in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

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Air Conditioning

You might rent a hotel room while you’re in Cocoa Beach, or maybe you want a separate house with lots of rooms if you have a large family. Either way, you should check and make sure the facility you’re renting has central air.

Without air conditioning, you likely won’t enjoy your stay very much. Florida stays hot most of the year, and if you go during the summer months, it’s often sweltering.

You need central air if you rent a house since fans won’t do the job sufficiently. If you rent a hotel room, you might also get one with a box air conditioner unit in the window. That might chill your room enough at night so you can sleep comfortably.

A Swimming Pool on the Grounds

You may also want to find a vacation rental in Cocoa Beach with a swimming pool on the grounds. You can get one with either an indoor pool, an outdoor one, or both.

Some people love swimming in the ocean, but others prefer a pool. The sea contains many creatures you don’t want to encounter. They probably won’t bother you, but some individuals prefer a pool for swimming nonetheless.

A Fully-Stocked Kitchen

You may want a vacation rental with a fully-stocked kitchen. Presumably, you must buy your own food at the grocery store, but you’ll need a kitchen with all the cooking equipment necessary to prepare a scrumptious meal.

You can eat out while you’re vacationing in Cocoa Beach, but maybe you’ll want to cook some afternoons or nights as well. You can save money that way, and that might appeal to you.

An Onsite Exercise Facility

You might want to find a vacation rental with an onsite exercise facility. You may require some exercise bikes, treadmills, free weights, etc. You can get in a workout and burn off some of the calories from the big meals you’re eating.

Beach Access

You will probably want a vacation rental in Cocoa Beach with beach access. You should have a beach at your disposal just a few feet from where you’re sleeping. You can wake up and walk down the beach before the sun gets too hot.

These amenities should serve you well as you look for an adequate rental property in the Cocoa Beach area.

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