5 Hotel Amenities That Are Becoming More Popular This Year

As the 2020 pandemic and lockdowns wind down, we’re left with a much different landscape in the areas of work and travel.

The great resignation showed us that people are changing their attitudes about work.

People want to spend their time on work that’s more meaningful.

They also learned that working from home is a lot more feasible than it was ever given credit for before.

So, naturally, more people want to make more out of their lives because of it.

They want to work while they stay at home with their families, and they want to work while they travel.

But with that being said, this has also changed how some hotel amenities are viewed by modern travelers.

hotel amenities

In other words, modern travelers are looking closer at reviews (and at amenity offerings) than ever.

But reviews alone may not suffice. You may want to double down and do your homework when looking for specific amenities at your favorite hotel options.

Hotel Engine says it like this:

“Reviews are definitely worth taking into account and can be used as a reference for just about anything. But like most things on the internet, you should be cautious of anything that sounds too good to be true.”

Some amenities just aren’t as important as they used to be, while others are seeing a surge in popularity.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at five hotel amenities that are becoming more and more popular this year.

Let’s break it down and jump into it.

1. A Hot Tub/Sauna

With a post-pandemic world opening up in front of us, people have realized that they want to relax more.

They want to be happier and be comfortable.

And this has led to an increase in the desire for amenities like a hot tub, a pool, and even a sauna.

When people travel, they definitely want to make use of their leisure time.

Focusing 100% on business during travel is probably a thing of the past.

People want to put in a few hours of work, and then climb into the hot tub to enjoy their life.

So this is going to be a very popular amenity moving forward.

2. On-Site Opportunities For Family Activities

Modern travelers are going to want to prioritize family time over most other things.

They’re going to want to make sure that there are opportunities to engage in fun activities with not only their partner, but also their kids.

This could take the form of things like tennis courts, sport complexes, hiking trails, bike rentals, etc.

And if these things come complimentary with the hotel, all the better.

3. Free, High-Quality Breakfast Options

Breakfast has always been a pretty important amenity that people look for when booking a hotel.

However, it’s also looking like it’s going to become an even more important thing moving forward.

See, people are also realizing that they don’t have to spend a bunch of money on frivolous things.

As they look for work-from-home opportunities, they’re also looking to save money and minimize their expense.

Thus, finding a complimentary breakfast that comes along with the hotel is going to be an even bigger thing than it’s ever been before.

4. Free And Convenient Parking

Another thing that’s going to become more popular as the great resignation takes shape is this:

People are probably going to drive more and fly less.

This is partly because driving gives you more freedom and a greater sense of autonomy—and also because it may end up saving you money, especially for shorter trips.

With that being said, free parking and convenient parking are going to become a huge issue that hotels are going to benefit from if they can offer it to visitors.

This is most definitely going to become a sought-after amenity.

5. Fitness Centers And Gyms

The upcoming year is going to be a year of great focus on fitness.

Far too many people sat at their desks during the pandemic lockdowns gaining weight and eating takeout.

And now, people want to get out, experience life, and get into shape.

With that being said, people are going to think twice about booking a hotel that doesn’t have a fitness center—and you may want to follow suit.

Here’s the thing.

Traveling can really interrupt your workout routine.

But if the hotel you’re staying at will at least give you access to a fitness center or a gym, well that makes things a lot easier and more convenient for keeping up that fitness habit.

It really matters.

This is why it’s going to be a huge amenity for travelers in the year to come.


There you have it.

Five hotel amenities that are becoming more popular this year than ever before.

Hopefully, this post has helped you to gain some insight into what things to look for as you shop for the perfect hotel for you.

Just remember, amenities matter.

So take your time to do the research and find a hotel that actually offers the stuff you need.

Good luck out there!

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